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At the hash marks on the nearside twelve o eight to go to the line drive on save. Howard foamy started a buck. And he shoots it behind. The net centers Babri, blacker safe. Zip tie. David Peron on the doorstep finds out that game is tied at three eleven fifty six to go third Perry. You don't play in that. No doubt is our Bud Light play of the game tonight. David perran with his eighth goal of the season. And what a goal that was. And what a battle that was by that blues line of Hsien Fabri and Peron in front of the Red Wings net and Peron snaps that one on the side of the net. And and again, it's a big goal for David Perron. And I think there's been a lot of lying juggling between the two coaches, but that's a line that I really enjoy watching play. And if you're going to be without Jay Schwartz. For awhile steamed terrorists and Riley was pretty solid as well. But Peron Hsien and Fabri it adds speed it, adds grit. And it adds a guy who goes to the front of that while two guys. I guess if you want to be honest with Shannon, perran, not afraid to go to the front to try and get a couple of tips, or at least muck it up with with some of the opposition. Demon in front of the net, and in the crease, so the Bud Light play of the game going to David perran tonight scores around the National Hockey League this evening, you have the Maple Leafs beating the sharks five to three. Austin Matthews picking up a goal. John Taveras picking up two goals in the game off. I'm sorry. Matthews picking up two goals in the game to picking up two goals in the game. And how about this Patrick Marlowe scoring is six school of the season. And he has now scored against every team in the National Hockey League in the second period stars and flames tied at one goal apiece. Ducks beat the Panthers tonight three two in the avalanche in their second back to back. Game. After picking up a victory last night late against Nashville Tyson Joseph along the.

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