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I have Nate solder topping list of Lyman. I want to ask you if you think they suck or not. Collapse gonna. Go down one. Soldiers are pretty good player. You know a few times he's kinda later, so I've always followed his career. 'cause there's not many of us in NFL so you know, always rooted for them and you know, I'm gonna be contracting ended up in New York. Okay. I'm looking forward to playing against him though. You know, especially, you know, guy is happy to see is, and you know, it's always good to go get the best and see where you stand. So the whole, the giants of the good job bringing in a lot of talent. One of our guys to from last year Patrick Patrico mom, and he's a good player too. So they really tried to shift in line share, so I should Audie line in my opinion, you know, from our team. So I'm looking forward to trying to challenge. You know what they did full disclosure, Claes Campbell. I did not really want to know whether you thought Nate soldier sucked or not. That was my way of getting to Jay. Elon Ramsey's, gentlemen, quarterly conversation. What did you think of the g. q. article? How did that land in your locker room? Collapse? It was entertaining to say the least you know, we like to, you know, we, we all have like a really tightness circle, you know, really close and you know, we have a lot of confidence. That's one thing that drives us. We believe we can be really good, not everything starts at the beliefs, and so you know locker room and we get to in a mess around with their in talking. We have some really like really cool conversations. And you know, generally the guy who has probably one of the most confident dudes, you know to to walk the owners and all. I think I'm pretty confident myself, you know. And so you know, yeah, he, you know, he's very opinionated you know. And I think he said there's some things that he really feels inside in Dallas. Nick nece is something that's special that most people want. When you look into athlete, you wanna know, what do you think. What are you thinking? What? What he goes through, you know? And he gives you his all, you know, I'm kind of guys little reserved, you know, and there's other with, or you know, for like today, you know, the only thing you would think about is, you know if guys are gonna be more focused when they played you. But at the day, you know, when you're you, don't expect him to be a big block. Talk about when the super bows everybody's their best game against you. Wanna play. Having gets you're gonna come with a booth hanger back when you go to the championship game, you know, you kinda get that bulls eye on your back. You know, people imagine themselves against your so we already have that. So you know, my, you know, gonna we're gonna. We're gonna talk on trash and go back it up. Well, I preface what I'm about to go down by saying, I do love Jalen Ramsey and I had fun sitting one row in front of him at the NFL honors last year and reminding him of my positioning in the seating chart and had some fun with expense..

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