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They're gonna crush him in They're gonna they're gonna crush but there's the the it's exciting to see players like yourself come into the game because i think you can add a lot of value to it and i think that ammo has a lot to grow the last maybe eight or nine years. I think you can agree with this. I would say soft goods has improved the most meaning. We can actually buy clothes that we don't look a fucking retard as the short we can buy backpacks that actually look like low visibility bags you know what i mean besides the bags you buying country or whatever we have stuff that actually looks halfway decent before it was all molly doubt. It was like way to voodoo tactical. Yeah like i see actually now. It's better but i think ammo has a lot of areas that it can vastly improve and it can do a lot. What what are some of those areas one marketing ammos subscriptions no better time now than ammo subscription. I think that is number one. I think you're seeing signs of that with brands like big daddy. Unlimited coming in and starting to sell that subscription based model. There's no reason why you. Because we're near the game. We're gonna take these take these. These are revolutionary. Ideas are industries just ten times behind like we ought you auto order your supplements you auto order a lot of stuff. Why aren't you auto ordering nine millimeter. The hardest part is it fluctuates so much so it might be it might change. Maybe but that's part of the selling point lock in your price for the year now. A membership okay Hey perspective and even if you had two options right if you add once a quarter yeah as a one time payment like for the year or once a quarter or once a month people would buy. Yeah okay people would buy. People would enroll if the deal was right because it's becoming like like oil reserves right so if you if you took the industry in that direction you'd have a lot more stability in the ability to create retail sales..

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