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More than 160 people were airlifted from a raging fire in California's Sierra National Forest. ABC is Matt Gutman says. Some remain and conditions are worsening. What sounds like a waterfall is actually wind. Howling through the trees here is gonna act like nitro glycerin turbocharging all the fires that exists in the valley below and we spoke to a battalion chief here, he says. Fear is it's gonna post those fires into the San Gabriel Valley where tens of thousands of people live, we could see a lot of evacuations. Over a dozen firefighters who were battling a blaze in central California were overcome by flames. Three were flown to a hospital in Fresno. One is in critical condition. Police chief in Rochester, New York, is among the department leader. Stepping down over the city's handling of the death of Daniel proved the Navy's entered a search and rescue mission in the North Arabian Sea for a sailor who is believed to have gone overboard from the aircraft carrier Nimitz. You're listening to ABC News, Stay connected and stay informed. The top five and five from Common news. Good evening. Comeau. News time. 502. I'm Rick fan sites with ELISA Jaffe. I'm Charlie Harder. Governor Jay Inslee says he's keeping a close eye on the state wildfires and his rushing resources to help more acres burned yesterday. Then, in 12 of the last Entire fire seasons in the state of Washington. He says he's instructed the appropriate agencies to help draft emergency order to get food, water and shelter to people affected. I'm Ryan Harris with the latest round of wildfire smoke, which is clearing out a bit, but not before it gave us an irritating and potentially dangerous night. UW professor Dan Jaffe says that smoke not only has gas that's hard to avoid but also small particles that get deep into our lungs. Getting these very fine particles into our long since serious health concerns. If he says, if your house doesn't have air conditioning, a $20 box fan and a 20 by 20 Inch A C filter that fits perfectly on the back of the fan can help filter the air from outside. I'm Siro marrow wildfires across the state slowing down testing for the Corona virus. The Snohomish Health District closed to drive through testing sites in Lynwood and ever do to poor air quality. Think it was the right call? Not ideal, but What we have to do. Given the situation. The agency's Heather Thomas is about 300. People with covert test appointments were asked to reschedule for later this week. Health officer for Snohomish County says covert 19 case numbers there are on the decline. Dr Chris Peter says he's closely watching one key metric cases for 100,000 residents. We saw that the rate came down to roughly 53 from a previous of 64. You work all that into peak in late July. We were up in the mid nineties. So we've had. I think it's five straight weeks now successive decline, So that's good news. Peter says about 20% of people with positive cases don't cooperate with contact tracers. He encourages people who have recently tested positive to answer their calls. The city of Seattle faces.

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