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To be driving through a rotary the citizens of recall with are focused on on what's being done there hold the selectmen and highway superintendent Michael Costello is talking about the intersection where route forty four and one eighteen meets most residents know as the traffic light near the main gas station in the area and Costello says it's also known as a crash zone just this week officials from the Massachusetts department of transportation gave the town an update on a plan to put around about there it's a done deal it's it's it's been playing for years we've been looking at this redesign here for many years according to the MassDOT website this intersection has been identified as a quote high crash location a big reason why changes are in order so there's twenty thousand vehicles at that intersection every day so it is very confusing intersection right now because of the alignment of the intersection in the lines of painted Costello says some people have expressed concerns about how rotary could make things worse possibly and a lot of people we spoke to just can't picture one here but this still believes in the long run it's the best solution and when the light's green they're traveling fifty miles through the miles an hour through the intersection and when someone's trying to turn that that's a terrible crash if it happens around about was slow you down to fifteen to twenty miles an hour no construction for this project will star in twenty twenty one but before then MassDOT officials will be back here to give the town a nother updates and hear more concerns from the residents here national issued over my witness news let's set the highways again at seven twenty to the traffic center we go with John Hampel it brought to us by Helzberg diamonds zero from servers have a towards the state offices of ninety five north may have some company it being street of a six ten connector silver rollover clearing up in west Bridgewater mass twenty four south bound by route one oh six with your southern New England traffic Johnny apple looking for Valentine's day gift to have your total weight diamond heart pendant in your choice of yellow white or rose gold now only two ninety nine ninety nine at Helzberg diamonds that's a four hundred dollar savings and that you bring home a W. take a look at the forecast now we kick off the first full week of the month of February storm team ten meteorologist Christina Ernie today we'll see partly cloudy conditions as temperatures approach the upper forties winds pick up this afternoon unsettled weather moves in starting Tuesday.

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