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The Gritty stuff down the lineup. But the key to this team is reinforcements. Yeah. The lightning loss their entire checking line from last season Stanley Cup winner. Blake Coleman, Barclay goodrow, Yanni gourde. They all went their separate ways last off season. And there was a real concern about how this team was going to replace those players. Part of the replacement came last summer when they signed veteran players Corey Perry, who used to be a brilliant goal scorer in this league and now has been reinvented as a Gritty at all costs players down the lineup. Pierre Edward belmar, who actually played for the avalanche last year, but the real key was the trade deadline. They traded for Brandon Hegel of the Chicago Blackhawks, a Nick Paul of the Ottawa senators and Hegel in particular has formed another amazing checking line with killorn and a center named Anthony cirelli, who's now been there for the two cups, and that line was the maybe the biggest difference outside of as leschi and that ranger series. So you mentioned the particular approach and the evolution of that approach for the lightning and what is the approach now, Greg in this final. Like what is the key to them beating the Colorado avalanche? I think the key is the without question biggest advantage the lightning half in this series, which is in goal. Andrei vasilevskiy is simply put one of the best postseason goalies in the history of hockey. You know, look at the way he closed out the ranger series. What a shame that celeski has caught in company. We're trying to capitalize he was unbeatable. And when you're unbeatable, then you're going to advance the Stanley Cup final. 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So standing in the way of all of the, well, all of the further hyperbole that it sounds like you're almost ready to bestow upon the Tampa Bay lightning, is the Colorado avalanche. The team that was the preseason favorite to win the title this year, a team that you saw, again, bouncing out in the second round and this city, Greg, I mean, look, growing up, I remember Joe sakic, passing the Stanley Cup to ray bourque. Joe psychic will come out to receive it as captain. The Stanley Cup winning Colorado avalanche and after 22 years. 2002 1001, I remember that. So what's it going to take for them to taste anything like that feeling again? I just want to say for the record that if Jordan Bennington didn't get hurt and that blues series, I still think I'm going to be right. I'm going to cling to that in a cling to that prediction. I know I did all the reverse drink stuff at the top of the show. I will cling to that prediction that the avalanche would not be here. If Bennington did. No, this is real Greg. This is real Greg actually defending his honor. I appreciate you doing this. I got to stand up for that pick. It was a damn good pick. To put it in historical context, how good this avalanche team has been. For a minimum of 14 games played in the playoffs, their 4.64 goals per game average is the highest the NHL has.

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