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Be race cars by tim. Rodber of alastair one of the many great songs will find on the dave gomez benefit comp. It's available now. At dave gomez benefit comp dot band camp dot com. You can buy a digital version of it or actually a physical cd version as well. And all the proceeds from the sales will go to dave gomez and his fight against cancer so please show him some support by going to dave gomez benfit comp dot band camp dot com. I'm shock l'amour. Thank you so much for celebrating being alive with me here on this episode of pop punk pizza. If you want to catch up on previous episodes you can do so by following or subscribing to us on your favorite podcast happen also leaving us a positive rating in review. If he can you can also catch up on previous episodes at pop punk pizza pie dot com along with merge. You can submit your bands there you can sign up for our mailing list and find out how you can be a sponsor of pop punk and pizza as well so all of that fun stuff at pop punk pizza pod dot com now the next episode coming. Your way is going to be this. Tuesday march thirtieth. And we're talking to alfie roberts of uk based pop punk. Emo band vampire money. They just released a brand new. Ep called outcasts closed. And so we're going to dive into that and so many other things so that'll be coming your way tuesday march thirtieth and Speaking of thanks coming your way. Don't forget tomorrow. March twenty sixth Big announcement about changes coming to pop punk in pizza Make sure you follow us on social media to find out what that Announcement is going to be about Our facebook twitter and instagram can be found at all the same place. Pop punk pizza pod and i look forward to sharing this exciting news with you so have a great weekend and i will talk to. On.

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