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To scales business that they are provided as blended learning with the practical training that will go to later and also online first aid training, so that we can sell internationally and that's been written by myself, and with, with the first aid experts and it to Naples, me scale, and I ate pets dot net, which is a brand new market. It's mainstream in the US, so since John on the Red Cross of a first aid to pets as born everyday offerings. It's a brand new mock in the UK. We haven't quite enough competitors to make it completely viable, but we have. The times newspaper coming to join us on Monday to come in bright above us, and we get quite a little, too publicity, because it's new and it's directly related to the state the humans because it's very, very similar and the same principles apply. So we've worked with vets to create those courses, and I have written books that accompany, the pet side and the human side. Very good. And if the business for for a number of years now, when was it that you set up two thousand seven so a low time we're well, established and would you mind sharing with our listeners what it was that you were doing before you started your own business? Absolutely. So I was unearth. So my background is nursing. I trained Thomas his eons ago, and I've worked all over the place in from burnt units to pediatrics to once with prison. And really joint my nursing, and then went into hospital management is a clinical manager, so I would Hammersmith insuring cross for ten years, and then children does up your career little bit. We do. Love them, though. So I became a niece ole teacher, so I gained a teaching qualification that I was able to use as well. And then I was able to combine all those things together and start up a first aid training business, which was something that always being passionate about doing so the k- there is you actually started. Right. You actually took is something so many, many escape race listeners. They are still currently employed. And on that commute everyday back and forth to work, and, you know, perhaps not enjoying the work as much as they could do thinking is, perhaps, greater things out there for them in life. So how'd you come about sort of making that decision? See new, you had a family on the way and things needed to perhaps change you needed bit more time. I'm presuming I'm sure it's very demanding job. But how did you just kind of figure out in your head, how you were going to transition from a monthly paycheck to actually generating an income from a business and you know what point did you say? Okay. Well, it's, it's the right time to make. The switch. I don't think there's ever a right time. So I think you just have to do it. It's just like you'll never get it perfect. So if you forever striving for perfection, then you will never do it. I think we'll always be out as I remember my cousin saying to me, hope you know, will anyone ever pay twenty-five pants for course site. Well, yes. And a lot more as well because we run very quality courses, and it will be viable business, and, and it will grow so have confidence in faith in yourself, you're obviously speak to others as sounding boards, 'cause ever useful and listen to the misery, -ality check. But if you feel confident that it is right for you. Then do it, and it will be hard work. So only starts up thing if you are passionate about it. I I'm a mental I will businesses through the. British library, and one of my first men tease wills who she called herself a serial entrepreneur, but actually, they hadn't screened properly, and she had lots of ideas that she never got any of them off the ground..

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