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Of our factor. It is Thursday, July twenty six top stories for the day marks gonna take one about Larry Nassar the sex doctor. He was assaulted in prison immediately upon release into general population. He certainly deserved it to. Yes, he did take one about the FBI warning against adultery scam in Jacksonville, Florida. This is basically just a PSA. Nice. I'm gonna take one about the Italian space agency discovering a lake on Mars and pats gonna take the soft corner. We're tossing the Hollywood star killer Austin clay into the soft corner. Don't you look in the eye. Mark, David away, disgraced, former sports. Dr. Larry Nassar was assaulted by inmates at his heirs on penitentiary. Mere hours just right away after being released in general population, it was like fucking dogs getting out of a cage after this guy according to his attorney and and him in a statement that shocked. Absolutely no one. So the guards were happy to let that happen. Ours is attorney still talking to them. The guards might have been in on it. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So this this actually, though, is the reason they released it. This happened in may apparently the reason they release it now because it's a likely in an attempt to switch prisons furnace. Are he wants everyone like to let them be like, oh, let me go to a Cush prison because otherwise I want to get raped like he thinks that like there's a prison on earth that won't have him getting that type of treatment. Ours out there trying to figure out how many prison rapes he has to endure to get to a less rape. He prison prison with blind deaf people with no penises. He's completely delusional. He could go to the softest white collar prison, and he would still get raped by like a dirty accountant. So Nosov fifty four years old and he's serving sixty years in federal prison for possessing child pornography, which is interesting. Yeah, I don't know what that was. That was all about. Maybe just like pictures. He took. It wasn't just touching. He needed to have child porn to niceness are yeah. And he was also sent its top one hundred seventy five years in state prison for molesting seven girls, but that's not all the seven girls is not nearly the whole story on the Sar was accused of molesting hundreds of girls and women over two decades and Michigan state went ahead and settled with three hundred thirty two women for four hundred twenty five million and they set aside seventy five million in the settlement, the civil suit for future victims because there's plenty more because they're busy. Yeah. So I mean, what do you? What would you do if you were an assault? Like what are you discrim have aids. I what did you do? I would be like I gotta kills me gets my commissary. Account. Get killed. I have aids in prison, doesn't work anymore. I mean like it'll take out some of the population, but it's not going to eliminate everyone. Life ciphers don't care. They're lifers knuckles crack. He's like, I'm up. This one. Started the internet for comments, which one hundred percent of the internet comments. I dare you to find a comment that feels bad for learning. This are are pro him getting attacked in prison. So Alonzo Anthony says on Facebook. I wonder how Jared's doing with that foot long monthly special, always fresh, wait a minute. No eats eat fresh. Yeah, he completely bought she team for subway, eat fresh. He was so proud of that too. Pringles shouldn't pops stopped. What I don't know what he was saying. But he he does bring up a good point. People stop talking about Jared, like he's an okay guy. Now this is huge for Jared. Yeah, this Jared nece comeback. And there's one other comment we can talk about again, they're all negative. Chris San says, hope he was looking at the floor and it hurt. So he was visualizing dykes Krista chrysanthemum have little experience. There might all right. Moving on this is basically a PSA for everyone out here. The FBI division of Jacksonville. Florida is warning central Floridians and pretty much everyone in the world of new blackmail scam..

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