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Let's go. This. One is from La Toya in Kelly La Toya says my sister's married but she also tells me that she's in a committed relationship with her boyfriend she thinks her boyfriend loves her because he makes time to have sex with her on deserted roads and in fleabag motels she has no idea of what real commitment is and I'm sure she's addicted to the sex she's ready to leave her husband for him but he will not leave his wife for her I'm afraid she's about to really mess her life and I refused to let her do it. How can I get her to see the light? Well. I mean. Boyfriend has a wife that he's not leaving his wife four because he knows he can have sex with you on the side of the road and in flea ridden hotels. He can't take his wife on Saturday road input here. No flea bitten. Why would he lead a woman with standards to go with the one that ain't got? No Right now, you're going to give your husband which obviously you ain't putting the right time with him in way. I don't know what you tear your sister except to stop before she blows. Already jacked up. Yeah. So I. Don't know sometimes these things have to play out. It's like a Jerky You know if if if the junkie don't want to get help you Mona help junkie all you know we hear Jonky House get what you need. Still you. Has. Turncoat Jackie. Junkie remind you really had. explained to our younger crowd would. Someone who's addicted to some t something? Yeah you could be. Pain pills. You could be addicted to sex. You could be addicted to drugs alcohol that's an food. Yeah jokey. Is Jess old drew. Drugs deciding Daham alcohol these a plane joke as is own own own drove down that. Damn. Joke. Thanks breaking it down. South. All right I want to make sure I got that outweigh for Missing Mississippi Monica jumping with her too damn degrees. Give you the technical term of it so that what it is junkie? Wash. One more time what is it again or Jogi Jewelry? All right. Okay doesn't Johm. Myth. All right. I think we're all clear now. Yeah Clare we're yeah. It's a good thing we're moving on nee in Southfield Michigan says, I've been married for eleven years and my husband, and I've done quite well for ourselves. Because of this, my husband's family is always hitting us up to borrow money and my husband believes in sharing the wealth I don't, and I have asked him to stop giving money to grown people. That can hustle and work hard like we do. He says I'm selfish and it's a blessing to help others. So I hit his checkbook and change the past code on our debit cards. If he wants to give them money, he can get it from his personal savings account. He's furious. Am I wrong? No here's a deal. Does words let me help you understand. Every married couples should have minimum bank accounts the savings account were both you all put you all money in that and it saves in a personal account and it pays all the bills that you have to survival house red car notes mandate. The next account is a joint savings account. That requires two people to. Attach. A signature to to move the money. The other count is your personal count as a woman in his personal account as demand wash. You'd divide that up into flat who is what he could take all his personal and give it to all his damn family members people, but he cannot affect the household budget. That's the way it works. So you all decide on what to allowances fee twenty you he he hit take it outside. In rain barely settled five. You know what I'm saying. Worry about it. But what he can't expect you to do is take money out to banks. You could be doing some for your family what you WanNa say for just. Four bank account and what he what his money every month person he loaned it out by cigar. Whatever. That's how we do it in my house in cold out on everything. I say nothing what she'd do at home and. She do what she wanted to do. If. She wants to save money up to buy some really expensive in a few months. She do that. If I want to spend none of my money that month, which I can long is I'm working. I don't do that. You look up and I had a little extra money. You know my do some craft but all he didn't up doing some. Way. Remember we're. In L. A. Steve in studio and you every day somebody would come by with. Some suits shoe. Shirl our limited budget that. You. Really. Think I am. We really did hats one day glasses the next engineer. Oh. All right we're moving on this is. Shaun over. Twenty six years old and I was hospitalized for Corona virus before because of complications from asthma, I've been out of the hospital two weeks and my family is shunned me. They are trump supporters and they don't believe the virus is an issue anymore because trump has downplayed so much yet they're fearful that I'm still contagious. They still refuse to where masters or stop having social gatherings. How can I educate these ignorant people? Yes. My parents about what's going on with covert your damn near. Death. Didn't get attention. I don't know what else you can do. That's the problem we got. There's too many damn stupid people you hospitalized with it. What else is it? That's why we leading the world in depths and cases, and we only four percent of the population. 'cause we listening to that man in white how he got to go. All right. He will come November third. All right. Coming up next church complaints with Reverend motown in condemn jam is back right after this. You're listening. Dave hardy morning. Show..

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