Houston, Houston Museum Of Natural, President Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


Rule out a stray afternoon thunder shower here especially in the early afternoon most of the action so far has been us south of us down across extreme southern parts of the state are temps today near eighty degrees for tonight sixty three and then tomorrow high temperatures near eighty I'm Scott Laurie more the weather channel seventy one on the island eighty one here at the Katy range top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center three oh one our top story and what a difference a day makes on Wall Street here's Katie rich money man pension brought to you by DM auto leasing dot com and Pat this is not good for my neck absolutely a little bit like bungee jumping Scott the Dow industrials finishing the day up by one thousand one hundred and sixty four points that's four point nine percent the Dow closing at twenty five thousand and fifteen S. and P. five hundred up one hundred thirty five points just under five percent there that for the nasdaq up three hundred ninety three points or four point nine percent and of course we had stock futures up since last night that was when now president trump as well as vice president pence gave there a corona virus update that was around five o'clock Houston time and of course president trump had mentioned during that conference that he was interested in going to Capitol Hill today and discussing now stimulus measures well market got a little bit of wind from it that trump is pitching a zero percent payroll tax for the rest of the year and of course that was all it took to drive the markets to their highs of the day right at the closing bell also helping out oil prices up three dollars twenty three cents we closed at thirty four dollars thirty six cents a barrel no real news there rather than a supposedly a few rumors that Russia may be willing to do some more talks with Saudi Arabia and of course gold prices that's been kind of a safe haven during drawdowns well gold prices were down fifteen dollars forty cents an ounce at one thousand six hundred sixty dollars got all right case here H. money man Patchen more than three dozen who won a trip to Egypt have been asked to self quarantine after returning to Houston yesterday the trip was organized by the Houston museum of natural science surcharges school district telling parents.

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