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Immediately. Send it to him if he likes it. He'll post it if not he won't oh and that's the way i just keep everyone updated full of oats <hes> as you know in today's world everything's social media related so if you're not posting on social media and you're not getting a little buzz is out you know you kinda fell off but in d._c. He's adobe chop. Everyone just wants <hes> more access or more in depth. Look into what he's do. You know you know it. It has to be to the second and do you have to clear everything with him. See that's the thing about d._c. No i don't wow he gives me free range to do whatever i want as far as the foot the photography goes so i i kinda know already his style and he's gonna like he's not gonna like so i just things i know he's in the like you know as a quick <hes> quick push social media and then at the end of the night. I send them everything shot. Everything's ready to go so he wanted to put something in the morning. He's good to go okay and so so you're giving him a collection then he just picks whatever he wants but as far is like what you post on your page. You're not going to pick somebody that he doesn't want like maybe you're picking from the stuff that he chooses from no so i guess whatever i want. Oh oh wow i right. He doesn't tell me hey don't post that home page on this dan so he gives me free range on my post. Sorry my pitch to post whenever i want and then i just <hes> <hes> you know for example. Let's say you're on your show and i'm taking photos. The minute we leave your set right. He has ready to post and that's for me just editing on the fly uh-huh and then at the end of the night awesome the whole week and just in case you like something else ordinal that they want. We're trying to do for him to archive right <hes> he wants to keep everything thing from memory. You know and that's why i'm here for them. Like you told me the other day he had some issues with some <hes> some wedding photos of that he had and then <hes> <hes>. He told me that the link was down. He's like oh man. What can i do. That's all they. You know the person who probably take your photos. <hes> didn't pay their dropbox subscription and you know the guy dropped. He makes those please whatever you do tonight. You know your box..

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