WSB, Bob Trammel, Governor Bryant discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Many states to dial back reopening plans. The top local news every 30 minutes, and when it breaks 95.5 WSB depend on it. Georgia State House Democrats react to news of the special session just enough. Governor Bryant camp wants to bring lawmakers back to fix a technical error with a bill related to tax credits on federal aid for hurricane relief that may be used for budgetary and oversight issues as well. House Minority Leader Bob Trammel believes it's a political move for state oversight of Hartsfield Jackson Airport president litigation between Governor Get up in the city of Atlanta. You have to come to the conclusion that that's what that word is talking about, he says. If lawmakers are brought back Medicaid expansion should be taken up A CZ well. Sandor Parish, 95.5 WSB and at least a sign college football season is around the corner or sports director J. Black has the first coaches poll of the dogs in it last season right fourth, and that is where the coaches will start them. This year. It is the third straight season Eugene has been ranked in the top five in the preseason bowl. There's a lot to like this year to led by maybe the nation's best defense. Clemson starts the season number one for a second straight year. Then it's Ohio State, Alabama, and L S U is number five. We don't know who George will play yet, but we do know the opener has been scheduled for September 26th You'll hear it right here on the home of the dog's J. Black 95.5 Ws and WSB News time is 203 for 24 hours a day live local coverage of the day's top stories delivered to you on air. On your smart speaker and on the WSB Radio, 95.5.

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