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I mean, Dyson Daniels just completely and utterly shut him out of the game in such an impressive way. He's been awesome. Throughout the course of the G league season defensively, I think I'm a little bit higher on Dyson Daniels than where the general consensus is overall right now. I love his passing ability. I think he's more of a secondary ball handler and if he's gonna be that, the shooting is gonna have to work itself out. I think that the key for him is just playing with better bend and that includes as a ball handler as well as as a shooter as well. He just doesn't get any bend and it just looks so stiff and mechanical coming out of his hands. I think that once he gets with a great shooting coach, they can kind of fix some of these issues. I don't see anything wrong with the touch with Dyson Daniels. It's more just mechanical in terms of what he has to figure out. Nothing's broken there. So I see Dyson Daniels is like a good 5th man 6th man and you know at the end of the day and this draft class to me, that's like end of the lottery at the very least top 20 level. So Dyson Daniels, I'm a big fan, frankly, I think outside of scoot Henderson. He's been the league ignite prospect that I've been most impressed with throughout the course of this season. So, yeah, I really like what I've seen in a large part of that is the defensive side of the floor. Okay. This next question here is about the pistons. It is from demon 21. This question is realistically just kind of representative of a lot of different questions. I got about the pistons. It felt like pistons fans are really engaged in the draft process right now already for obvious reasons. There's a lot of excitement around the pistons right now, but the team is not very good and I don't think it's been very well built. So there's going to be a real enthusiasm I think to get better pieces that fit around cade Cunningham and this question kind of gets it that idea. So can you share some thoughts on what you would do slash like to see the pistons do with their locked in top 5 pick and over the course of the next year? Would you like to see Jeremy grant traded second year guys progress or lack thereof? Jabari, the best option with kade and their other non elite shooters and athletes. So essentially what demon 21 is asking here, what I trade Jeremy grant, would I take jabari Smith at number one? Who would be my number one prospect right now for the Detroit Pistons? And would in general what I do? I think the number one thing the pistons have to do over the course of the next year is fine shooting. This offense is so messy. Anytime that you watch them, there's no space for Kate Cunningham. No space for the guards to operate at all. It's a bunch of athletic dudes out there. There's some tough defenders out there on the court, Jeremy grant. I think just still doesn't quite get the respect as a shooter as what his percentage is would indicate that he should..

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