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Welcome. Back to the next picture, show a movie that we podcast a classic fill. In the way it shaped our thoughts on recent release I'm Keith Phipps here again with Scott Tobias genevieve Kofsky and Tasha. Robinson. In Our last episode, we talked about Orson Wells nineteen seventy-three film F for fake a not quite documentary about forgers authenticity and the meaning of art. This week we're bringing in Dick Johnson is dead in which Cureton Johnson documents that kind of her father with occasional breaks to stages death depict afterlife in Heaven Dick Jaspers dead is Kirsten Johnson's second film's director but. Like. It's predecessor the work of someone with a long history making movies her first royal effort. Camera Person Wolf together scraps footage from her years as a documentary cinematographer into memoir made up of out takes from throughout her career with Dick Johnson is dead she pushes the autobiographical instinct even further with her father psychiatrist Richard Johnson is I noticed with dementia. She decides to turn his decline into project by staging his death for the camera with his enthusiastic participation. What follows is a rumination memory movie illusions death at what remains after work on we'll talk over after the brain. Idea that I might ever lose this man. Too much to bear. His my dad. Let's. Start. Walking to me that's fantastic. I suggested we make a movie about him dying. He said, yes. She kills me. Multiple Times Act. Resurrected.

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