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They have not replaced with guys with players that anything resemble any of those five so uh when he lied doesn't have a good oftens of mine in a running game and in the play action he's not a very effective quarterback and he just just the way he is and you know just sort of is he's not one of those guys who can really make the guys are bound to much better like aarchs airbus a well sir aaron rogers when you look at what's going on in pittsburgh a lot of conversations being had across the board rather its conversations coming out of camp about laid down bells and contract been rothliseberger going from one extreme to the next about stain or leaving two todd haley in rumors of maybe he may not be there to even coach mike tomlin in here rumors about him give me your take on what's going on in a landscape around the pittsburgh steelers organization or you know that much anybody that organization sorta like the giant better yard but consistent 'cause you're gonna find out ashwell football league simpler and stop jenin for the most part they have always done everything right 10 no just sort of a you know first class uh on your organization but for whatever reason the last couple years they're just seems to be uh you know more kneel talk and and more joe certain issues that come up you know you get com locker room issues are media issues or whatever you know thank sale leaking out of that uh you know don't happen in the best organizations you and you don't hear things like that right now in minnesota you've never here no really much and million of what with the new england patriots but you know and i love mike tomlin as a coach on they've got tons of talented players on that football team lay beyond bells is an absolute stud yeah obviously brown is is probably the best receiver in national football league uh but uh sometimes pallandt uh you know what comes with that big egos and it seems like there's some really think he goes on that team and pillar of reason mike tomlin uh it's failing to sarande all that in uh.

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