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The american red cross urgently needs blood and platelet donations and asks donors to schedule an appointment to give now every two seconds someone in the united states needs blood your blood donation is critical and could help save lives please schedule an appointment today download the blood donor app visit red cross blood dot org or call one eight hundred red cross today you can make a difference the leukemia lymphoma society has been funding blood cancer research for the last sixty five years it was the l l s funding of dr brian gruber's research that changed chronic myeloid leukemia from a deadly disease to one controlled with just a pill a day our next target acute myeloid leukemia ml it kills ten thousand people a year in the us alone where betting dr ruger can make history again visit l l s dot org that's l l s dot org gartner red aboard iran ruggiero khobar bruce's give new building read superstar titus o'neil it only takes a moment to make a moment take time to be a dad today learn more at eight seven seven four dad four one one or visit fatherhood dot gov brought to you by the us department of health and human services and the ad council sliding around in sock feet is a pretty common activity and a fissure house you see every year thousands of kids stay here to be close to a wounded mommy or daddy receiving care at a military your va medical center it's the place where they can feel at home when they're not and we're kisses and hogs are only minutes away instead of time zones which for a kid with a soldier as a parent is an unfamiliar luxury to learn more about the fisher house foundation and how you can help go to fisher house dot org today basil if whittle motto program on news radio eight three cage vdh.

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