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Barry, man was threatening officers and warning that he was carrying a gun, but no firearm was found at the scene. Today. President Trump left his press briefing without answering questions about why he donated $6000 to Harris his re election campaigns in 2011 and 2013 for California Attorney General in 2001. He also gave $1000 to support Biden's Senate race that CBS's wage Yi Jang A D. C appeals court appears skeptical about Dio J's order to dismiss the Michael Flynn case, and it might let federal judge and that Sullivan make the decision on his own. That wouldn't please the Justice Department or attorneys for the former national security adviser because it was Sullivan, who questioned DOJ has motives and originally refused to grant the dismissal. DOJ and Flynn's lawyers say Sullivan doesn't have the power to investigate motives Behind that order. Flynn was convicted of lying to the FBI about contact with the Russian ambassador during the Trump campaign's transition to the White House. It's 9 44 Jeffs linked to opioid drug overdoses are up significantly in parts of northern Virginia. And police are sounding the alarm. Arlington County Police investigated a total of six deaths from opioid overdoses last year. So far this year, That number is up to 15 and preliminarily. Police believe five deaths just this month are a result of people taking a dangerous cocktail of heroin, prescription painkillers and fentanyl. Arlington County Police want to remind residents there Officers carry nasal naloxone, they could reverse the effects of an overdose. And residents can request free naloxone and training. Michelle Bash w T o P News, 9 44 Hello. This is your apartment. I need some favors from.

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