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Test lab test right in the office for you to test. What you food sensitivities are so go to break pretty soon to irritation. We talked about the Vegas nerve can cause reflects your taste throughout the body. The Vegas nerve comes from the Madurai, which is the back of the skull and it controls listen to this. This is important your heart, your SAFA, guess your lungs your stomach your small test your liver. Gallbladder pancreas, your coal, and it can actually affect your kidneys your bladder and your external genitalia. So many people have romantic issues, and now that can even be linked to Heidel hernias. Folks, we come back a lot more to cover. If you have a healthcare question number here at the studios, eight four four four four. Dr Jill my website. If you want to make an appointment come see us, and you need to we've in Marietta, Duluth and Stockbridge. Dr Joe dot com and listen to me a favor. Tell your friends about the show follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and we'll be right back. This sounds like you, neck pain back pain shoulder. Pain headaches? Chances are you'd benefit from chiropractic care most people benefit from chiropractic care because chiropractic care tries to get to the cause of your problems and not just cover up the symptoms. If you're ready to get well, I want you to go to my website. Dr Joe dot com or call eight four four four four Dr Joe and make an appointment for you, your friends and your family today, we have offices in Marietta, Duluth Stockbridge make appointment today. So we can help get you. Well, and keep you well folks, it's era Couric's in here. You guys know that I'm a big fan of Harry's razors. Which you may not know is that you can save about one hundred bucks a year by switching to here. He's from your razor that you're using the big expensive name brand razors. Harry's razors cost about two dollars each per cartridge. That's half the price of the Gillette. Fusion pro shield. And it's a great shave. It's a five blade razor. It's fantastic in here. He says a great deal for you..

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