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This RV life is also news, traffic and weather things that impact life. Well, my kids practice can be cancelled if the weather's bad because I'd rather be home hanging out with the family than sitting in traffic all night, everything with the economy and life for every aspect of life is important to know what's going on KOA. Newsradio vehicle at grease monkey grease monkey oil changes and more. KOA NewsRadio time seven ten coming up on Colorado's morning news. Your Denver Broncos. Get ready for their first road test of the season. They have got the ravens on Sunday. We'll chat live with head. Coach Vance Joseph straight ahead right after traffic and weather together. We do it every ten minutes on the tens. He's up in the KOA jet copter. Morning, john. Hey, good morning, April really good-looking Dr getting out of the Aurora area. Cherry creek dam road has reopened. That's a day. Earlier is supposed to be closed throughout the day. It's been closed all week long for maintenance. But Nope, it's open the sporting, and that's good. There's your drive out of a war a coming down into the tech center. Southbound was heavy after Parker road your drive on southbound I twenty five from Santa Fe down into the tech center drive, northbound I twenty five pretty congested coming up out of Douglas county, although they got all age open northbound I twenty five and seaport seventy construction ran late this morning. And so that's helping you drive. They're not helping you drive is the rollover accident on westbound, I seventy six westbound, I seventy six voided between twenty five and Sheridan. Because of a rollover exit the left lane is blocked. Lot of curiosity slowing eastbound from Waterford up Sheridan. So void I seventy six west of I twenty five stay on. I twenty five good. I seventy and take the long way around sixty Colorado. Looks like you're cleaning up a crash there. Colorado at sixth avenue that's causing delays on the southeast. You'll find some of the usual slowing. Your downtown drive is busy on I twenty five to seventy s loaded up in both directions across commerce city. But it said I seventy six drive westbound, that's the worst. This report is sponsored by unbound dot org right now. There are people across the world facing a tough choice. Either continue their dream of education or drop out the family put food on the table. You could help change their future in a single moment..

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