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Wig on these episodes and he wears it real. Everyone knows these balls. This, this was like years after. Seinfeld was already over. Everybody knows he's doing. So. I didn't understand why he decided they. Were going to have hair again. That's. But that was all right last thing. WHO's the cuddly nicest guy you met in Hollywood? As the cats are about to fight behind you, it looks like. Looks like monkey wins. There's actually a lot of nicest cuddly guy. Probably. It's a tie between Brian Doyle Murray which is Bill Murray's brother and Robert England the guy who plays Freddy Kruger. I know who that is maybe seen that movie once when I was like. L. Street. I I remember him. Yes they are. Which means we should probably end this episode because they are hog ary hungry cats today Sinderen. Anyway to wrap up the episode Cinder, and have you seen in Bruges? Nikki have you seen in Bruges? Did you like it good Nikki. Yes, come Gimme high fi or watching in Bruce. Come, that's right. You are an anonymous Gimme high five right now. We're not an episode to come I. See wearing a wireless headset zero excuse. Me God. There's not much opportunity to give high five in person on podcast syndrome. And she's really bad at giving high fives to. See this. Okay? Look at the elbow. You need to look at the elbow then. If I didn't say anything. She would have missed my hand entirely hundred percent. Okay so anyway. Thanks for watching guys until next again for Nikki Nikki for coming on Saturday and I should call you. You can follow her at sagging which it's spelled like it is on the screen You're listening. It's S., H. J. E., d. e. n. e. until next time, guys. Suns Fan Cinder and Sacha Dean signing out goodbye. I? We thank. Thankful..

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