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Stanford University in the senior producer of the lime disease documentary under our skin which premiered at the Tribeca film festival and was a two thousand ten Oskar simul some semi-finalist as well. Newbie also has two degrees in engineering bachelor's degree from the university of Utah master's degree from Stanford and previously. She was a technology writer for apple and other Silicon Valley companies welcome to the program. Chris good to be with you. Thanks inviting me to see today. This is a different very important topic. How in the world you come up with his idea forbidden? Well, the actual book project started. I had done this documentary on line two days. I had a pretty deep background about it. And and that the film did really well, it really educated a lot of people about how serious this disease can bay. It's it's caused by tick bites. It's little 'Bacterial that's transmitted by bites and treat it early. You know, you can get rid of it super fast. But if it it lingers it can cause permanent chronic disease, but the idea for the book came from friend of mine had sent me a videotape of the discover of disease Willie Bergdorf. For who is in his late eighties. And he confessed that he thought the outbreak of Lyme disease which began in the the the seventies and that was caused by biological weapons. Release and. I just thought it was. Shocking because it was crazy at the time. Because of my work with the documentary and just interviewing hundreds of patients and an experts there. There was always something that seemed a little wrong about the disease compared to other these. But you know, Willie Bergdorf irt he was respected scientists he had the most to lose by making that confession. Because what he was saying he lied about the discovery which was announced in eighty two. So in at the time of the interview, he would he had advanced Parkinson's. His each wasn't clear. I mean, he he seemed mentally with it. But it just seemed like it was a really important thing to get to the bottom of for public health to know this and explain why the disease so controversy and political about how to treat it and where it came from. So at that point, I said, I I'm just curious. I just have to get to the bottom of it and marched into this five year investigation into the biological weapons program into Willie's life to really determine is this is this a credible thing. He's talking about the book, primarily deals with with Willie, of course, as the scientists, and we're going to get deep into his life. And I'll even came up with this possibility not the line disease. We talk about the we all have known about as you mentioned, you get it from tick. That's the you know has disinfections bacteria in it. And they're supposed to be able to treat it with any -biotics. Is that the case? If you get it early in the first few weeks yet, it seems like most people can recover nicely. But the problem with the way the disease is now is a lot of people don't see the tech or they don't see. The rash that often shows up when there's a tick bite, so they just come down with the summer flu. It's just typical flu symptoms nothing specific, and they go into their doctor and their doctor says, well, it's probably a virus. You know, come back. If you weeks, it isn't cured, she'll they misdiagnosed it. They misdiagnose it. And then sometimes like patients come in with the rash or tick, and they administer the line has to say, well, let's take a wait and see attitude, and they ministered the test. But the test is not very reliable for lime to these in the first month. So that person might be told by the doctor, oh, it's negative carry on. And then they begin months if not years of misdiagnoses because they don't know the test is bad at the forty year old tests. So that's that's a complicating factor. And even when some when some people are treated with antibiotics after a month or two ten to twenty.

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