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Either side. Throw the puck around again. We're saying globetrotters but why not throw the park around globetrotter style. Like the two one goal. The brayden point goal was a thing of beauty that men colorado have power play competition. It's just spectacular. It's just looked so nice. It's just gorgeous and yo- tampa does it. Carolina was terrifying with the tip. Pass in the neutral zone sebastian. Aho for the first of two on the night including the ot winner just. You're never that far away from seeing a play that makes you go like oh man that's awesome. That's what's great about this series right now. You'll the hockey's been really good. It's been excellent. The quality of play this year in the playoffs has been really good. Are you surprised. Considering what everybody's been through yes. And no i gotta say it's a good question jeff because in the play offs. I don't pay a lot of attention to other things. I really try to be dialed in and you know we're on every night. People expect a lot from us. And you know you always try and deliver. But i was reading about the celtics today. Because you know danny ings. Step down and brad. Stevens is going to move from coach to to manager and it was a big story so i was curious about it and you know age talked about the last year and how long scene and he was running out of steam and he was beginning to think. Okay i'm gonna make a change and he's not the only one a lot of people are like this and i got the impression reading about the celtics that you know. They felt there that once their players realized they couldn't beat the nets. they were like. Okay you know time to go home now. I don't know if that's right or that's wrong. But the impression was there and i think that happened in the nhl in the regular season this year where one some teams realized. They were out. I can't wait until this is over. Just stay healthy. Don't wanna get injured. Just get this over with and so a couple of things so in the playoffs. I wondered like montreal. Toronto montreal got down three two one. Would they fold and just say it's time to go home. And no they didn't they absolutely didn't and i'm not surprised because you want to win the stanley cup. And it's what you're there for but this is such an unusual and difficult year and we are seeing examples of it apparently in the nba in the nhl. Where i think that once you get down like the carolina tonight had every reason to lose that game. They were up two nothing. They did the worst thing you can do with tamp. They gave them power. Plays the lightning score. They get that call on hamilton. They kill it off and they went into overtime and there are three guys down okay. They had every excuse to say were done here. And they and great credit to them. I think the level of competition of the players. This year has especially in the playoffs. Maybe i shouldn't be surprised by. I'm obviously impressed and very respectful. It's been a remarkable. You mentioned the plays in great and the it's going to sound weird because we're dealing with or it's just eloquently talked about it. How no one's quitting in a season where we're given everyone many passes as possible. Take care of yourself do which you need if you feel. You don't wanna do this anymore. Don't do this anymore either as an individual or collectively no one's licking the envelope a maleness in. Nope no one's saying were done. It's been real good. Yup all rights with that will kick it off. And now you'll hear the very well produced part of the podcast. Welcome to thirty one thoughts. The podcast presented by the gmc. Sierra a four cast is over thanks for joining us once again on thirty. One thoughts of podcasts. Always great to have you aboard We will get to the toronto maple leafs here in a couple of moments and their collapse against montreal canadian's and what happened and.

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