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And any and the sun changing sure well we finally rated musically anybody New Orleans offense not on Arlo Guthrie self this is Johnny rabidly peer music those years or nineteen sixty in nineteen seventy two nice to see they came O. X. microphone flag on the front page and the picture of the post dispatch on Saturday probably Kevin Colleen was holding the microphone maybe afterwards he had a little stand was I think it started to sell Kevin Killeen bobble heads I'm not a hundred percent sure that's true but if he would indicated that it might be well let's go to the movies now this time of the nineteen sixty four our late friend Richard Heyman but I miss and then miss introducing all those concerts at Powell hall with the Saint Louis symphony the movie the theme is from its ruby is the name of the son I was nineteen fifty two the movie was ruby gentry at star Jennifer Jones and Charlton Heston Karl Malden was also one of the big stars this is a really big here but it was performed in the movie by Larry Adler noted harmonica player but they had was by rich our vision is going to do the honors here the next two minutes and route sixty six also like that song from but another thing to be from nineteen sixty unless you will have heard of that will go back to fifty two as well we got a song from seventy to sixty eight you got the idea of playing music from Willie peers of the rock and roll era are the kind of the beginning a rock and roll in fifty two just getting started let's say a place we got started that forty eight years ago Midwest money isn't cash in the bank think of that statement is in cash in the bank drawing interest better than scrapping the draw are drawing dust and then what do you do with it what's going to happen end up at a garage sale yard sale or something you have no idea what what it's worth find out what it's worth what it could be maybe down in the basement you had a whole box of stuff that you might think I don't know they may not want to how do you know they don't want to they let you take it there the Midwest money it could be silver played a lot of people say oh they're going to buy sterling crucial by sterling but they also buy silver plate and Midwest money maybe native American jewelry that was so popular in the nineteen seventies musical instruments of a mandolin or a violent they will know what it's worth they know the value of all these things and they are going to give you top dollar for them he got a shorter a war relic of the have any short drive from the civil war on or before and they know what they're worth this is the big thing they know what they're doing and they are they by just about everything man dies see just about everything I'm sure there are things that they don't get into even up by comic books are starting a comic book collection or not today it's Sunday it's the first of the month first of March across the street from Midwest money at fifty nine hundred Hampton but right across the street on the west side of the street in Hampton in Holly hills which is right between loft Berlin Eichelberger it's the model train layout that you're you've really got to see it to believe it and now you don't worry about any money take no money absolutely free and you'll do you will love it it is bigger than you can ahead in it that said their old location only open ever the first Sunday of every month and it's from eleven to four today still not just go there but cross the street gets a free refreshments and look around at Midwest money you don't have to buy anything you don't have to do anything just show up and have a good time that's what they're about taking care of people Midwest money because as in cash in the bank better than scrap in the dryer St Louis is morning news total information the morning skate five on KMOX and K. M. O. X..

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