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But first big news coming out of Norman, Oklahoma this week as Bob Stoops has been named to the College Football Hall of Fame class for 2021. He is the winningest coach, You know your history and we wanted to celebrate his incredible legacy. And so delighted to have with us this morning coming to you from Norman. And that's our good friend James Hale from 1400 K A R E F L O. J. Listen, How you doing? The only problem with having you on radio television and that nobody gets to see your pretty face. But, man, I'm doing great and The center basketball teams in still use you. So get back in shape. Must throw some elbows and get going. Okay. Well, hey, let's let the celebration continue. As far as when we talk about the former legendary coach in Oklahoma, Bob Stoops being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is a winner and established himself as one of the best ever to have coach the game. I mean, what made him so good as a head coach? You spent a lot of time around him, James I think his ability to hire great coaches. First of all his first staff was amazing. You know, we brought in. You know the three guys that he coast with the Kansas State One was his brother. The other. Brent Venables is considered a brother in the family and mark Man Gino, who is a great friend of Bob's. And they all left Bill Snyder's staff and that started really the downward trend for Kansas State at that time, even though they were good the next couple of years, you know, but you know, Oklahoma got three tremendous coaching talents. Bobby Jack Wright came in him coached at the University of Texas for a long time. Hey, was moved out of coaching into an administrative position for a year with Bob called him. That was an incredible higher because it opened up the state of Texas Bob Bobby Jack knows every coach. High school coach in the state of Texas has a legendary recruiter. That was great higher. Go out and get that done. Then he brought back Jackie ship. That was incredible. Linebacker it ou Under very Switzer and played six or seven years in the National Football League and brought him back along with tail getting who was one of the best quarterbacks ever to play it. Ou Hey, was the quarterback that really transitioned OU from the wishbone to a passing offense? In the mid nineties and you know, so those two guys were coming back a star former stars and then you get Jonathan Haze who played what 12 years 13 years in the National Football League is the tight end. Bob told me he actually when he called him. He was breaking a horse and Oklahoma City, which was because he never thought he'd hunt John has to do with that. But you know, Jonathan was ready to come into coaching. And now Jonathan's been in Coaching, scouting and things since then, then Chuck Long, who was a great quarterback at Iowa, when Bob was there, you know came in and coach quarterback. So you so it was Steve Spurrier. Jr. Who has had a long career now is an assistant coach, the son of Steve Spurrier, But my staff was so good that it got Oklahoma often rolling, and they had a recruiting class the first class. It wasn't that highly rated. Guys turned out to be stars like Derrick Strait and under a wool folk and you know, and towards marshal and people like that. It turned out to be stars and, of course, iconic and no use history, So I think that's one of Bob's greater strength. Obviously he wasn't hey, didn't fear making changes. You know some of the toughest moves he had to make was firing Josh Haibal, who was his first quarterback that actually won a national championship point. Jamie and Orval is now their coaches, the Nevada but he thought he needed a different direction offensively, and that's what he brought in Lincoln, Riley and you see how well that is Work, and Oklahoma had good offenses under Josh and J. But you know how Offenses and defense is really go. If you have an off year everybody wants to do guy. You know, Bob thought that the offense have gotten stale. I needed a new direction, so he wasn't afraid he brought in Mike Leach and that first staff And I failed to mention Mike Mike brought the air raid. So Oklahoma went from being the greatest resting offense in the history of college football with the wishbone to trying to throw a ball, the kale and now you bring in Mike Leach, you bring the air raid. He is the winningest coach in Oklahoma History secured 10 Big 12 conference titles. The 2000 National championship during his 18 years. Have you had a chance to catch up with him? I know you've got a super popular program there, Norman. I mean, what did he share? And just overall, I mean, how would you define his legacy? Well, you know, he came over show Wednesday and he's always been really kind of this reporter and he's living a great life Retired. He's much more open to talk about things. You know, he's Is part owner of a company called Rock and Roll Tequila, and Bob actually would bring his brought the new product various, you know, established, it's all across the state, and every time he comes in, people are lined up to get their picture taken with him. They promote it, and it's been a cool thing. He was in the XFL, and I think he had a good time. In other words, he's enjoying life. But we're actually finding out a lot more about Bob. Now. I had seen that popular. That kind of personality at times because I was close enough that I was at events with them or something with a We could let us hear loud and he would trust me enough that I wouldn't say anything to anybody. And he was always been a great guy, but I think the one thing that I got out of his interview was just how much he loved being around people. And how that he was so happy. A lot of his coaches have gone around the bigger and better things that a lot of his players had great accomplishments and are doing good in life, and he's rooting for all those that aren't you know that are struggling someone he's trying to help him. The best that he can And I admitted that you know, you have punted his coverage when he married his wife, Carol, who was, of course a Mary Kate star. Let me tell you a little story. If you don't mind. Please do go for it. What? Big 12 media days. And this is about what? It was at the Opry in Dallas. Beautiful Hotel, which you know Um you know it Z kind assistance, probably six or seven years ago. Anyway, you know, they only had books not only the big 12 media gathering, which is gonna have over, you know 1000 people or whoever's coming in, but they had broke the Mary Kay convention that year, which Right in, you know, you know, at least 1000 beautiful women is well, yeah, you know, but they were coming up to us. Going? Hey, Have you seen Carol Stoops? I incorrectly said you mean Bob Stoops. They go? No hell, stupid. Carol Stoops is a lot bigger than but are you kidding me? We want to see Carol Studio. Where is she? Well, I had the same carol there yet, you know? Well, you know, I don't know. Then I was told they had this convention it seized the key speaker at this convention. That Bob Baby was going to drop by, you know. So Carol was a starter. All right, a million dollar earner and Mary Kay and you know so They did a lot of things, right, you know, And I think Bob appreciates the God gave him the ability to do certain things right?.

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