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To the second part of the steelers preview. I'm jeff hartmann senior editor bundy steel curtain dot com joining as always. Brian anthony davis or podcast producer. And dave scofield the editor of behind the curtain. We already talked about in part one steelers players to watch. I wanna talk about first bills players bills players that you're thinking my god this guy scares the crud outta me for a lot of reasons. I i think. I know who we're going to mention right off the bat i too will go with dave. Go first because dave's always complaining about brian. ceiling is answers to so go with earth. Later that you're looking at this is just you. You're thinking this guy scares me entering this game on sunday. Who is believe it or not. I'm i'm going with quarterback. I'm going with josh allen. I think he you know a lot of people were have him as possible. Mvp candidate i know if if you do your their season long fantasy football i know most places had him ranked the number two quarterback behind. Patrick mahomes a lot of thing. A lot of big things expected out of him this year. So with that. And it's and it's funny because i saw some people throwing around some numbers in the live chat of all the steelers need to do this. They gotta make sure this doesn't happen. A lot of that was exactly the stuff that i talked about on the steelers dacic podcast which is on our audio platform. So if you haven't checked it makes you go do that. Because that's exactly what we talked about. But i even tried to break it down with josh allen. Oh well once you russia's for a lot to have much success there was no correlation. You never know if this guy's gonna throw for yards run for twenty yards or both. He's he's he reminds you a m- not saying they're the same but the but the idea of that he can almost do any anything and make things happen. Kinda fell like one. Btr early in his career that he was just kind of you know when ben would shake off those defenders and still complete the past and stuff like that. You never know with this guy. If he's going to if he's going to take off you know but as butler said today. Hey i hope he wants to run a lot because we like to hit guys who run the paraphrase what he said so. But you can't look at this team and not look at the quarterback in and say that. Yeah that's what we really have to make sure that we account for good big good pig. Indeed brian with. Who would have been you player to watch i. If you're going to quote keith butler thrown a few dadgum dadgum. But i hope he runs it. Man i tell you what josh allen is absolutely i i think he is that next quarterback in fact i had a fantasy draft where i just picked him yesterday instead of mahomes because i think this guy is going to be lighting up numbers. But that's for another thing the guy that he's throwing his stefan digs and the steelers have this tendency to play better against guys six three six four six five tall receivers the kind of match up better with them and but these guys that are six foot and fast. They struggle a little bit more with remember all those years as a guy like john brown. Who would who would light him up. John brown's done on this team anymore. I'm not talking about him. But i'm talking about stefan digs. I love everything that this guy does. He's just dangerous. They shut them down in the first half last year. You'd just new watching that game on december fifteenth last year. That was not going to be enough. The second half he just let them up and he has that ability to turn it on so. This is a guy that i would probably yet. You've gotta stop him. Everyone knows you've gonna stop josh allen but if you stop stefan digs it's going to be easier to stop josh l. Yeah there's two are obviously the main to the people will bring up when it comes to this year. I'm going to go on the defense side of the ball and it's the other edmonds brother. What is this one's. I named brian. What he goes by mature. It's official like you. I think he is a. I think he is just the his name. Trump germaine okay. So he doesn't have okay. That's that's unique anyways. Tremaine is a player. That i think is getting better and better. And he was a first round. Pick for reading. I think he's a really good inside linebacker. He's someone that can wreck your plans at trying to get into the tight and things like that I'll go in that direction. Because i new digs in allen. We're going to be the first to that. You all mentioned it. Just mito outside of emmanuel sanders cole. Beasley people know these names. Maybe it's just me. And i talked with michael beck on my. Let's ride podcast. Friday and asked the same question as you all know the. Nfl is a as a whole than i do. I know the steelers well. But i don't know the all the nfl. What else should i be afraid of with his buffalo bills roster seriously tell me white the corner okay absolutely good good anyone else. I mean both running back singled. Terry he he was him and zack. Moss exac mosses a little bit scarier. If you think of me think of it. But last single terry was he was one of the two. Nfl running back heard me say there's a bunch of times who had more than one hundred carries and a started actually saw he was the only one of two regardless carries. It started sixteen games running back in the nfl last year. Him and derrick. Henry that was it. So we'll he's air. What about the trenches. Ofensive line defensive line any good can get after the quarterback they go. Yeah you've got an oliver who was a top ten Jerry hughes is tough morio. Addison i believe he still in there. islam I can never pronounce his name. Be there i mean. He's out this practice the last two days. Well they didn't practice today. It was the projected injured report. But yet he didn't practice on wednesday their bills fans are a little bit. Like yeah kind isn't good. If he's not going to be available now how you say his name again. Let can't remember the to a or something like that. First name star dr. Yes thinking of names. If you see it. I put it up there. I was wrong. It is fazon tremaine. See dance referring to any tremaine was his name. Adding people lab chevrolet pool jet stream now with their first name. His first name is fazon really. They need to tell for football reference because they just say he's tremaine I i just found that in their fairl. Edmunds was the dad. So he's put everybody with funds in there all right. I have one more. Which i think is the biggest concern. Sean mcdermott. i think he is a top notch. Nfl coach he had just swelling games. He he's he's someone that you you. It's hard to one up him if you know what. I mean as a coach. It's very difficult out coach. This buffalo bills t- so you just have to have to beat them. I feel like they're one of the best teams in the nfl at least last year. We'll see if that carries the twenty twenty one all right. Did this all last season. I wanna carry this over into the twenty twenty one regular season our x-factor thinking of something someone that whatever. The case may be decide the outcome of the game based on their play or really we can expand this beyond players coaches. it could be venue. Could be anything so guys week. One buffalo bills in buffalo will start with brian. What's your x factor in this game. Gimme cam sutton in this game. It's it's gonna fall on him in this game. I i could see him making a big play. Or i mean i'd hate to see go the other way but that could camps and like that i've lot dave. What about you any factor. Let's go minka back there. You know doing his thing in the defense seeing if he can disrupt stuff allow the steelers to do things in the regular season that they didn't really do in the preseason because they couldn't because he wasn't playing if you know what i mean so let's see if if if if minka can come in there and force that take away. Yeah for sure. I'm going to go to najji harris..

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