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Network also on sirius x._m. the dan patrick channel joining me today very happy to have him here from calgary alberta canada lance storm how you doing sir i'm doing great at lance what are your thoughts <music> on u._f._c. former you have champion cain velasquez making his pro wrestling lucia lebron debut tonight <hes> really interested to see it and i <hes> i think it's the one time we can safely say that no one will take liberties with the new rookie could you imagine if someone i don't it's not going to happen at aaa but somewhere down the road of someone who is dumb enough to do that well eddie guerrero did try to aa kurt angle's you never know have you ever worked i'm trying to remember your career did you did you ever do a celebrity match i don't believe so no i did wrestle in a tag against jim ross and jerry lawler on raw all one if that counts what is it like just being in the ring with someone with very limited experience yeah i mean jim ross in cain velasquez but there's there's there's some parallels as far as experience i guess yeah boy there's a statement jim ross is not exactly cain velasquez i try to be nice but the thing with with jim you know he was apologizing all day for william rely even having to be in the ring with them so it was completely different but i did have love i think i did the very first ho show loop with brock listener and he hadn't been in the u._f._c. at but he was you know as big as a house imaginable champion champion amateur so that would probably similarly intimidating wrestling cain velasquez were you ever backstage or around any celebrities doing match the one thing i like about this is that cain seems really invested as opposed to some celebrities who either wrestle or appear in wrestling i'm just trying to get a payday yeah i don't think i really was i i think i managed to you know i got into w._c._w. a little late to catch the jay leno's and the the two basketball players rodman and malone so i think i missed all the the wacky celebrity stuff which is fine by me i prefer the celebrities stay they on the other side of the barricade but kane obviously a legit athlete he i wouldn't say he's a celebrity he's a <hes> a crossover sports athlete do you think ink came as a big star but w._w._e. prides itself on the biggest stars and being disney and being mainstream he is he a big enough star in there is to go to w._w._e. and wrestle someday i think the problem with kane is if w._b._z. hired him the immediate demand would be came brock and if if canes not ready to take brock doc spot do you want to beat kane immediately like how do you slow build that when everyone's gonna want the cane brock match i it's a weird fit if if cain still needs a couple of years to get good and again i have no idea what level he's at <hes> i guess we'll get a glimpse at triple mania but it it's sort of hard because is when you are a former u._f._c. world heavyweight champion it's hard to bring in slow so it will depend on how good he is you tend to be more traditional in your in your wrestling growing up what did you think of like say mr t. or or other people involved in wrestling well i'm trying to think what mr t. early on with the saturday night main event run leading to mania to that was sort of when i got my first glimpse of w._b. and i was again enough of a fan i remember when mr t. one the reality t._v. show if you will the world's toughest bouncer so again again he had credibility if it was in fact faked credibility although i suppose in wrestling that that's perfectly acceptable but i i had seen him do the n._b._c. see see i think it was reality show of the world's toughest bouncer where he won that competition to get him his fame so he seemed like a credible guys so that didn't seem to bother for me and i was more a n._w._e._a. w._c._w. fan of that point in time but i was watching these saturday main event era so i i saw t. but he had that credibility and even the you know again fake credibility probably being the boxer in in rocky three you sort of saw him as a legitimate tough guy so it didn't didn't cross over to the point where we're seeing you know i'm just trying to go with an example you know drew carey in the royal rumble it's it's completely different with tea and with gain i was kind kind of an n._w._e._a. crockett guy as well and i remember like they would bring in their celebrities in response to w._w._f. so they would bringing eddie haskell from leave it to beaver and jason hervey and then i think like for the sting match they had like a penthouse pat not even a playboy boy pat i want to say and i thought to myself why bother no disrespect to those people but it just didn't seem like they brought any sort of prestige that some of the people that w._w._f. was getting yeah the penthouse pet whose name escapes me and jason hervey were were interesting choice otherwise suppose with the finish they wanted they needed to have a female judge of some kind because someone had to watch that that match that sting dominated for forty of the forty five minutes and still go to the judge's card and vote for rick flair so there was worse judging at clash one one there's almost u._f._c. shows us celebrities and wrestling they will always be together but it's gonna be interesting to see how i'm sure kane is going to be really motivated tonight i'm sure they probably probably picked out some spots for him and it'll be curious to see what role he plays for madison square garden in the l._a. foreman what kind of publicity he can maintain maintained for triple a yeah just remembered my my one celebrity interaction we were in l._a. <hes> the beginning of my boring run individually i got to cut a promo on rob reiner who was sitting at ringside and i was telling him to pay attention because i was going to be the next star in hollywood because i was in fact not boring and he should pay attention attention so i had a little bit interaction cutting a promo and rob reiner rob reiner famous director who will always be noticed meathead archie bunker but i wanted to talk about something one of your star pupils i guess you would would you consider rachel l. ring rachel evers like would you consider you to be like a mentor mentor of hers i think that would be an understatement i consider more family which is why i've actually given permission to use my legit last name for her wrestling career <hes> she came to me as a student three or four years ago because he came september this september session three or four years years ago and we hit it off right away we have a lot of similar family history <hes> me and her dad both have daughters named rebecca rachel there's a lot of connections that we have and we hit it off and we talk regularly i continue to coach and mentor her and we pretty much consider each other family at this point apparently early she suffered a torn a._c._l. what are your thoughts on that yeah that's a rough one you know it it puts you on the shelf for a long time and i talked to her when it happened and you know she goes through the same emotional rollercoaster thank everyone does when they get injured there's you know the denial you know i don't wanna go through this i'm not hurt him not got hurt and you you you get worried going into the m._r._i. in this case and you know you hope for the best case scenario and then obviously with a tornado seattle it's one of the worst case scenarios news and then i think you hit that you know that disappointment where you're just down in the dumps for a minute but then you realize that all right well i've got to get past this and and i think now she's at that stage of all right let's get this done she's got surgery early next week and i suspect she's going to be a rehab fiend she's a jim jim jim monkey not to be perfectly honest she loves the gym and she's a she's a leg a leg girl she loves her squatting because she was a former powerlifter so i think she's going to approach rehab rehab like it's jim time which is a happy place anyway so i suspect she's going to hit this head on and come back you know if you can in fact come back stronger longer than ever but she is a great girl and has a work ethic like no one else so i think she's going to plow into this with full steam ahead and she's going to be back and ready to go because she's a really talented girl do you anticipate that maybe with this injury she might have to make a few changes to her style i don't think so because you know this is i think what i love about her most it's like her style is she's a great worker it's not that she does you know specific things and it was just a a a a freak thing that she landed on her one leg i guess and it went so i don't see how with what she does because she's not a dive to the floor moon own salt person or anything that you'd have to be worried about your knees so i think she can continue you know the style she's got now and even minor adjustments because that's what i found founded micro like i avoided a major injury but my style was really good worker and had great matches you could always take a move out add something else and it wouldn't change me my match or my style and i think she's the same way and once you have that overall worker ring generalship you gonna always make minor adjustments and no one's going to notice or care do you think at some point w._w._e. is going to bring her up to the main roster given her her pedigree and her our abilities and enthusiasm attitude you'd think the w._w._e. would be really high on her i'd like to think so i'd like to thank everyone they sign in developmental the plan is eventually the main roster i can't imagine not because again she does have the pedigree of her legitimate last name and the connection to me with her <hes> <hes> w._b._z. <hes> last name but she's also just a really talented very intelligent girl like her promos from day one we're great she's really intelligent she's got an education and she's super easy to work with anyone that's been in the ring with her loves it and you know she's following doing in my footsteps in that she's a very safe worker as well so i can't imagine them not let storm joining us here today wrestling observer observer live now on saturdays live seven days a week i'm jim valley you call in at one eight hundred eight seven eight play you.

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