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Shape in the seat that's j bookbinder she was named for her grandfather greg's father and she recently started working at macdill nfl man we're off to welding i didn't see much automation at the emiko factory just a number of very skilled craftspeople walled and right now he's routing old incher the aluminum extruded to in order to accept crossbar said go into the two in this case the famous three vertical slats the back of the co chairs curved like an upside down u and the three vertical slats come down from the top of this you and meet a curved crossbar the three sluts don't go all the way to the sea they intersect with the crossbar three quarters of the way down it's one of the most distinctive design elements of the miko shane okay so now we're going over into department three which is grinding all the wells have to be ground down except three the original chair they made for the navy had a lump of welding and each join but when the fancy designer sort of working with them ago they found all the welds to be a little crude so emiko ground them down except for the three welds where the vertical slats meet the arch on the back of the chair these three wells on the back as our signature after the chairs have gone through all this heavy work they go through a series of water bath there's a total of five bass one two three four five in order to perfect this this process.

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