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I'm going to take you with me. And then he's in the snuff some with the pillow as in like he's freeing him with his spirit right so it's almost like very symbolic almost native american symbolic i'm gonna take you with me. You know by taking his spirit with him as he finally goes and takes the idea. That mcmurphy had you know buster the window in he you know i. D iconic shot of the movie of courses him. Running you know Off into the distance running through the wall parodied on the simpsons. After you know after reading the book like we all said that he gives what he goes before he realizes he's been lobotomize. I i feel biggest mountain. Yes an emotional light at that point. I'm ready now. I have a question about this and Like i said that was founded on the simpsons but Upon watching this again and not having read the book and at least two decades i have this feeling and maybe i'm wrong. Read that when he's telling the story about his father and how you know he he. The bottle sucked the life. Out of him. I get the sense that when he Basically euthanize is big murphy. That that's the same thing he did to his father and that's why he's there. I don't know if that's true. Because i remember what what it said in the book but with the way he tells a story and then the way he ends it and what he says to him. It feels like he had done that before. As as a mercy killing. But it's a good theory. But the difference was as he'd he'd regained hisself were. I can't remember why he's in there. I haven't read the. I read the book in fucking had twenty years ago or so nineties so i don't necessarily remember why he was in there. That's a good theory. That i cannot disprove. It just felt it felt like it with the way they'd written the dialogue that that was. How great was that The whole the whole the whole boat seen take taking the boat convincing the harbormaster charter up. Professor all doctor goes through their all doctors. Except for the one nude except for harding. Professor harding everybody else's doctor. Dr martini dr. This professor harding. Danny devito said that that that that whole take that whole scene took a week to film and to this day he still gets nauseous even thinking about it should everybody but jack nicholson got seasick at one point during that week.

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