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Junior here on ESPN Radio Michael in junior today go McKay li e. No having the girl and the love in the true love in the crib, Okay? You know what can baby Tuesday the effort as we get ready to head towards the weekend where the weekend will be the Super Bowl halftime performance? We continue to lay traps around here on chin angle of junior has represented by progressive insurance. We know if we just lay out long enough eventually, today will populate the space with her beautiful voice. Because today you have saying very well on the show on a number of occasions we support. This is something in love by a number. You mean by like, maybe what's maybe, maybe. Okay, But I do think that I'm going to be going ham like when I Hear him perform that for Super Bowl, I'm gonna be up on my feet. I'm so excited. It's an exciting part of this weekend. It is it's Super Bowl Week. We're taking you all the way up to Super Bowl 55 are thanks to everyone that help that along the way. Aaron Goldhammer of ESPN. Cleveland, T. J. Ward, former Broncos safety Mike Triplet, our ESPN Saints writer and reporter the him Heinz Colts running back with us met Burke. Former NFL offensive lineman, a Super Bowl champion. Check them all out on the chin angle of junior almost and Paul indicate he's as the Greek God of staff who just stopped by three shots of him, But we're gonna have to do that a lot more often. Ton of fun having one of our greatest and brightest stats minds around here at ESPN on here toe, quite frankly. Go over the top on you guys on these trivia questions to the super boy. Don't let Junior talk to you guys like that will get another round in at some point of three shots of Hambo. Okay, so I believe in a triangle junior family. We can get some answers right? And when I say we It's not me. It's you all know, I'd say it's definitely not us because we're back tribute download rate subscribed. It's an angle of junior podcast wherever you get it and check us out on ESPN. Plus because it is Super Bowl Week, we're gonna have a ton of great guests. It's a great time where NFL players are freed up, We get a chance to come around and pick the brains. Of some of the best and brightest. We'll keep doing that, as this week goes along, but for now, we had a ton of show going on. Today. We had a ton of energy on the show. Let's keep it up to finish. We want to be a jolt of energy. We had the energy.

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