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I went to the same school as crews. I was fantastic. And now i'm whatever that one spot below that another day at. What point is harvard law alumni. More of an insult like with apologies rallied. Dershowitz had some of these alums have been in the news. Yup sorry man. I feel great. Were yeah so how are you doing. You're one of the good ones here. i'm i'm doing well. I'm token harvard law school friends. Some of my best friends are harvard law alumni. They're not all awful. Terrible people at ted cruz but anyway somebody think of the harvard law grads pitcher. Anyway i'm excited for this episode. We've got some fun rudy. Giuliani news of consequences. I can't believe it can't wait to get to it. I know you have a little note. Before we get going about christian healthcare ministries. Yep that was our episode. Four ninety seven we've addressed I think all the criticisms and you know standby our original reporting. It's a scam Michael chuka wrote in with some more evidence. Remember that that these health share ministries require you to arbitrate. Your claims that we talked about. How one of the largest requires you to to refer any disputes to the institute for christian conciliation which is a scam. Fake arbitration services. And by the way. I did not mention at that episode. That that abbreviated two acc That's how they referred to themselves. The realized is the international chamber of commerce. Which has reorganization services. Actually publish their rules. The institute for christian conciliation the claimed that their rules are protected intellectual property that they've trademarked so you know a place that doesn't publish the rules they will use to arbitrate. Disputes is scam. Realized has former judge working anyway. Michael hsuehpa typed in the address for the institute for christian. Conciliation google maps. This picture. i'll include if you get If you're at our newsletter three dollar and patrons and you get a copy of my show notes. I cut and pasted the picture into the show notes. Three zero six dash and west el norte parkway suite nine escondido california nine two. Oh two six ball that turns out to be a ups store next to a nail salon. So yeah the. The entirety of the institute for christian coalition is a mail drop next to a nail salon. So scam it's a foul arbitration. Scam really have a place that you can arbitrate at. They don't have judges. They don't publish the. This is stay away cheese. So thanks mike. Okay just because the cultural blindness of thinking like if it's a christian thing then it's fine is that they all i know. Is they have fewer resources for resolving disputes. Than i do. Wow right because i at least have an office and have access to a big conference room that i could put like fifteen people in And so unless you wanna hang out outside the ups store maybe get your nails. Done all You know saw goodman I dunno they cannot help you. They will not help you. This is not a real arbitration group. Anybody who requires you to get your claims there is taking your money and leaving you with no real recourse. Don't do it man agreed all right. Let's get to a tiny consequences. Can you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden. Of course i did. You just said you didn't so andrew guy who medical doctor who doesn't know anything about medicine and kill dozens of his patients. Has his medical license. Suspended is about how i feel. This is now. When i saw suspended i was worried. Is this like when an officer get suspended for murdering a black man and then his back two weeks later. I hope it's not like that. What happened with rudy giuliani. It is not an end. Big thank you to associate. Morgan stringer who brought this to my attention. Like literally twenty minutes. Before we were about to record this is huge. It is a thing. I have literally never seen before And again i have advised on attorney grievance case so this is an order as we are recording the show thursday june twenty-fourth that grants interim relief to the attorney grievance commission which i want you to think about as applying a similar standard as a preliminary injunction. Okay so usually what happens is so for example. We had our listeners. Referred to the florida bar the series of complaints about matt gaetz. What happens is the florida bar then. Tweeted back at us and said okay. Okay opening arguments like we. We got it We have opened an investigation into gates will let you know what what what's gonna happen. And then they decided not to move forward with a referral look great. In retrospect it does not look great. So can you have get with it. florida bar. But even in meritorious cases you still get when you were under investigation for an attorney grievance commission rate for violating the ethics codes. You're still allowed to practice. Law pending the outcome of that decision. This is being called interim relief and suspending his license. But let's put that into context what this means is the grievance commission has said while you're investigating and figuring out what to do with rudy giuliani. He must be suspended from the practice of law in order to protect the public so in other words we want injunctive relief now and five settlement. I want relief now. Yeah exactly five. Oh decision by the new york appellate courts applying those two standards right so gay kind of like when when you have when you get injunctive relief you know right. The two main issues that come up are irreparable harm to the party seeking the injunction and likelihood of success on the merits the standards for for granting interim relief. Our number one. There must be uncontroversial. Claims of attorney misconduct. That is no defense to things that are clearly violative of of the models of professional conduct. And you must posed quote an immediate threat to the public. So that's what was found in suspending giuliani's license. I am as confident of anything in the law. That in the same way that when you lose on injunctive relief it means it's not. It doesn't adjudicate at that point in time that you're gonna lose on the merits but it is the judge who will rule on your case on the merits going. I think there's a substantial likelihood the to lose on the merits right so it's a really really strong indicator. I think. Giuliani will be disbarred. Wow yeah this is talk about likelihood of success on the merits. You know like this sounds like he's so obviously a disaster that they're like we got a quarantine this guy from even doing any loss stuff. I it it so if anything. This order says it even more strongly than you to said quote for the reasons that follow. We conclude that there is uncontroversial. Evidence that respondent residual yanni communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts lawmakers in the public at large in his capacity as a lawyer for former president. Donald j trump and the trump campaign in connection with trump's failed effort at re election in two thousand twenty. These false statements were made to improperly bolster responded narrative that due to widespread voter fraud victory in the twenty twenty united states. Presidential election was stolen from his client. We conclude that respondents conduct immediately threatens the public interest and warrants interim suspension from the practice of law pending further proceedings before the attorney grievance committee. So.

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