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Travellers four one one i have of aligned with me at walls it is the general manager of the diplomat beach resort at you know wyoming hesitating it iro town on my work sheet greis scribble suffered i need to know about my guest i wrote down diplomatic diplomatic well we'll jarred be diplomatic pressure i sincerely certain as the general manager of being diplomatic at the diplomat is something that you do daily for sure so um what did you arrive as the diplomat uh two thousand eleven uh and it was the it was the western diplomat at the time uh and i was here at in then then uh two thousand fourteen brookefield uh properties bought the hotel uh and transformed did too uh it hilton safrian called curio and uh we renamed the ah defence beach resort well i'm just recently we had on um she's sperry uh and we've also had on um ephron to any uh trish barre is the general manager of the aims boston hotel which about maybe six months ago or less became the first hilton curiel property in boston i it maybe by now there's another one i'm sure there will be more because the curiel brand is they're they're they're clearly uniquely uniquely special on and he kind of trendy sheet delicious from what i know of the brand so far in its emergence and so when as soon as somebody says curio i have i end of what to expect but maybe you can run over for us what you can expect what are the features and benefits of the diplomat beach resort in hollywood florida well i think one of the pink list clearly goes bacteria we chose the career brand simply because with the diplomat has been here since 1950s seven uh it's been an iconic part of south florida it was one of the four or five major hotels that that really puts off florida hospitality on the map from the 50s 60s and stuff seventy uh so part of our rebranding when we looked at the hotel is too how do we make it iconic again how do we make it a local gathering spot and then what attributes do we need to have in place to make the diplomat uh really that focal uh just amazing hotel in south florida uh so in the transformation we added four restaurants uh we added uh.

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