Flynn, White House, Don Jr discussed on Reasonable Doubt - RD 107 - Dr. Michael Shermer


For instance the feds love to roll people who to have them turned and right have them become a witness if they if that alexandria grand jury is heard evidence regarding general flynn and then they went to flynn and they told general flynn look you're a target now the investigation you need to start cooperating and if he starts cooperating it saying things and putting the would to somebody at the campaign whether that's manafort don jr trump himself then what they do is i'll take whatever uh flynn is telling them in terms of the russian connections and they'll try to back phil other at pieces of evidence and so that it looks like is there a financial motivation to do something is there some other kind of motivation is there you know does that that famous dossier does that have some kind of blackmail a ability remember our handsome woman who was torched was sally yates right who was the acting ag at one point she was the one who apparently went to the white house and warn them the general flynn was susceptible to blackmail if you believe the reports on i think she's confirm that in her testimony so it would not surprise me if he's already cooperating and if he's already cooperating and they and they got a new grand jury that's been in pain old i there is i i think that's clearly why trump is gets into these twitter fetes um because he realizes that where this is headed he's not a dumb guy he's got to understand that he's got jeopardy in his family guy jeopardy well.

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