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Of value to any one and we seemingly have a whole generation of young people who walked to be yes you can make some money off the youtube videos but who want to be famous more than anything go ahead much of it can pronounce it correctly it looks like as a whoo young wing but that's the guy name yeah you fell off the building as december in mid december and they have a video of him dying they have a video of him fall fall and i remember if you remember the family the wall in this area there was a grandfather can't remember his name and he did this lives not live at the time when he was imported rico live high wire acted was on tv and he fell off di yeah and i remember like hold my gosh is one actually died on tv the video still on youtube you can find it the city is right here yeah i'm looking at it in turn off now but now is just that's no big deal compared to what happens now we gotta go to a commercial break but i definitely want to come back and hit this again because i knew you were going to tell me some stuff miles the mouse smith joins us in studio el camino college student seventeen years old blowing our eyes i didn't know it was to this degree wow this is the mole kelly showcase if i am 640 more stimulating talk michael should pay with the news officials say search and rescue operations have ended in santa barbara county where mudslides killed at least 20 people said of overcrowded sheffield brown says authorities transitioned earlier today to a search and recovery phase brown says move allows authorities to release resources that are no longer needed authorities are north two people have been killed when their vehicle tried to cross railroad tracks ahead of an oncoming amtrak train crash happened about 70 miles east of raleigh the state capital no one the train was reported hurt national weather service says the highest sirkin indifferent so far this winter are expected on the coast of la an orange county's this week high surf advisories go into a 10 the morning tomorrow for san diego warrenton la counties they are laughing til six in the morning thursday tick out your holiday forecast and the drive on the.

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