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Stop writing. You should be writing to to express some emotion feeling a thought a a truthful statement. Whatever you should be presenting something. I i'm so tired of sifting through lollipops in unicorn bombs Just like yeah. It does d. Don't impress me. You don't impress me and you really shouldn't try to impress me. Because that impresses me more but come on lollipops in unicorns need to go. And and it's just i don't know it's it's it's funny. How many people still subscribe to that god of all the the diagram gotta fill each box gotta make sure it works to whatever criteria. It doesn't trust me. i died twelve. I had a twelve word. Palm accepted by a very fringy journal. opponent could never read to family god forbid or really anyone without blushing as twelve words and the editor came back and it started as a five line poem. He came back he goes. I like the first two lines. But i don't like the last three and he said i'm if you can edit it. I'll accept that. And you know when i was younger i would've been like screw that i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna do that. Come out you didn't accept it the way it is on the writer. I'm always right. But i made the edit became toward palm accepted. It is published in april. You know there's not a lot of people in my mind there ones essay. Edit you know most of your pole down something that makes sense to me. But i guess those two lines spoke to him and that's what matter and then he made it work for him good. We'll do this. I submitted a short fiction piece. Where the academic journal actually had a board where they had to review everything and he came back with the conclusion that i need to beef up the middle of it and they were still willing to consider it if i did that so after i did that. The reconsider it again and then they published it. And ironically. When i look at it even though i felt comfortable.

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