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Tzu who coined the phrase hearts and minds of the people who is very well aware and made his brains aware that the prize along with the people comes by winning the hearts and minds. Would it be fair to call James Mattis, a military scholar? Oh, yes. Yes. Absolutely. Probably one of the foremost in American history. I mean, his personal library is said to exceeded seven thousand volumes of rather arcane and. Obscure books on the subject of warfare, not only warfare but civil administration, and and the as I say the. We soft side of warfare, which is the people on how to deal with a population. That's in the middle of a shooting war. Very very well. Read very well spoken and a deeply. Between gauged that the art of war, the the book, no better friend. No worse. Enemy leads off with a chapter one, titled no better friend, and it refers to general Krulak who was accommodated the Marine Corps and every year he and his wife about a week before Christmas would bake hundreds of Christmas cookies. Package them in small bundles. And then the Krulak would personally load up his car and drive to every marine guard post in the Washington, Annapolis Baltimore area. Pretty nice thing to do one year. He went down to Quantico the marine training base. Excuse me, the marine training base in Virginia. And he went to the command center gave a package of the Lance corporal on-duty lower ranking enlisted man, the kind of person you'd find on duty on Christmas day, and he asked who's the officer of the day? Lance, corporal, said search Brigadier General Mattis general could like said, no, no, no. I I know General Mattis is I mean who's the officer of the day today Christmas day. Meaning, of course, the lower the total pole Lieutenant who got stuck with that duty and the last book feeling anxious at sir, it is Brigadier General Mattis Krulak said he spotted in the back room, a cot, and he said, no, not Lance corporal who slept in that bed last night. The Lance corporal said, sir, it was Brigadier General Mattis at which time Mattis came in on Christmas day duty uniform on carrying a sword that that's pretty remarkable Brigadier General is never the officer of the day certainly on Christmas day. And yet very was why. Well, as he says, he said there was a an officer who had a family General Mattis bachelor, and he felt that it would be better for the officer to Christmas day off to be with his family and Mattis would serve in MS said as the officer of the day. One eight six six five O, JIMBO one eight six six five five four.

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