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That you broadcast out from your being is like a beacon that attracts other people there on that same frequency simple way to say that would be like attracts like yes like energy attracts like right you know yes it would you I just one of those ways of people to do it online well. I disagree I think you could explain some let's go let's turn to the rod cast. wait all right so Joe Malone. I've always heard that opposites attract. show opposites may attract and not in a spiritual way that that Joe is talking about they might attract in sort of the Ying Yang way where let me put it this way my wife is extremely organized I'm more like I see a vision of things I support let's set a spire to that let's do that then she says well if you're going to do that you need to make sure you do X. Y. and Z. first and I'll take care of this and that you better take care of that but in terms of highway and let me just finish well here so opposites. active yeah but but its opposites in terms I would save skill sets but when something awful many top yeah Joey. the station. can I just say one word yes thank you very. the time SO opposites when it comes to you and your wife attracted to each other correct but think about it this way yeah in the day and age of cell phones right if there's some might name that pops up in a call is coming in and every time that guy calls he starts **** and moaning about one thing or another I look at that phone I say I'd rather do to shoot myself to take this call in in in them then that's that overly simplified way of saying that what you are putting out as in all our when you walk into the room can either be magnetic and people are drawn to you or it can be a turn off in the book what are your thoughts Joan I'm devastated because whenever I call Joe goes right to voice. yeah I know I can I think off is it's in some in some facets attract however you have to have some some common goals of our common values you know I mean it's it's like I know. people would use does steal more attracted to people who used to buy and sell stolen items but I was also I think a lot. yeah yeah now we're going to the criminal well that's you know you asked me what I'm gonna tell you my own skin no it was like what I found out I have a take on yeah yeah it's everybody's take on this yeah but so let's let the author may I know I think at this point you talk about the things I'm. is Mike. I think we have a I think you owe you will agree with this this is an interesting topic. my education this is my background this is where I all right so so. all up I think opposite sometimes do a track and sometimes they don't I agree with you one or two I can tell you why if you give me a moment to tell you I'll tell you. you have your mom I figured out that soul mates not necessarily it's not necessarily a physical attraction shoulder so may not necessarily soul mate is someone who is back to you what you need to work on we all week they're strong we are strong they're weak and you complement each other and help each other out well how how can you're talking about it makes sense yeah it does but I will just add TV Stevie I would just add when you say opposites attract there is much to be said about that and then Joey just articulated but there's something different about having a positive vibration and having a negative one and there's just some people will say every time I'm in the present shuttle at all and they see the worst in everybody has all its where did you ever like like in my life or other people's lives when they meet what you call this soul mate you say it just kinda happened and I don't know and then you find yourself attracted to someone you say. why am I attracted to this person we have nothing in common or whatever and I I contend that store the chili voices in other people take away the idea of mystery I think it's a mystery I I don't I think there's some parts of this but what you're saying and what you are saying Joe Joe he voices is a great thing because you want to achieve certain things in life and the people you're talking about like the people I've met were very successful they work their **** off. and they also are like what you're talking about the very upbeat yeah yeah I have it and you don't want and they take responsibility for what happens in their life and they hold you accountable yeah they're not victimize you know it's not like Jeez I got screwed here's how I got screwed it was either my boss so it was my brother let my navel all right like Steve said to something inside of me you can't put your finger on it's an intangible but the something inside of them that you admire and you don't you might not even be able to articulate it but I hear talk to them for that reason that's the mystery this he's talking about but it but again the more positive you become as a person in your outlook unless you attracted to in the more you're kinda just turned off by the the the the negative the toxin of high I get Tiffany and that's not to say you don't point out like if you're not happy with something that sat happening in your hometown and you think the government let's say is doing something wrong you pointed out but I as I said to my guys still say to my kids I'm gonna give you thirty seconds on what you did and why it was a bad decision as opposed to I know some people on a forty five minutes into the call okay I get it you're not happy with this all you're doing is wasting my time and raising your blood pressure high enough yeah I got two great stories my brother's father in law who's an older man they play golf he plays golf with these three other older guys but fifteen minutes they can talk about their ailments that was the I like yeah I like the world is really sort of Georgia but it's also there are some people who they see joy in your eyes on your in your smile they need to take that from you because that's the misery loves company why are you so happy I've actually had people say that. why are you in such a good mood but they say it like accusatory he's not talking to them about positive things they run away from you yeah I wanna get rid of somebody like that just try talking to them about deep things go a little deeper because those people shallow don't want to talk about the the model to the doctor's office you get time right I got a fun thing to this do you remember the great calmness George Frazier very well he had this thing called in you when they what was it two one day one day all right and he would name players who had it and politicians who had it and others who didn't and you couldn't explain why for example Willie Mays had it Ernie banks didn't have it I have a a woman on my street she's like a hairdresser in on no big job whatever she's got a charisma about or I don't know what it is yeah I don't I have no idea why she's a way it's kind of when I was out when I was hiring people you know they'd be a process to do and and government and finally you know for the final interview the person would walk through the door and yeah we we think this is a good fit for that position I would know within like ten seconds and and my thing was either their grey or they're in Technicolor the higher the technical of people and this is something to be said for showing up in person for the interview because the guy replies online who might be more qualified for those days are going to get their job it is always a little online yeah but but also but also to it's just how they carry themselves what this spirit is lying as opposed to your command there's an Italian expression mushi mushi you know you just the body language and everything else you don't want to be around those you know it's funny you say that because I got to tell you. Sunday mornings you know I go to the north yeah they're all like yeah yeah they're all old school yeah no but there was a miserable Moshi Moshi bill like about god they both of the. it's their way of like Hey it's not right when it starts are you know what no it's not really though because when a woman comes by with the baby they'll call on Friday but when they talk with each other they they **** yeah you know let him then plans to Bali yeah on both extremes it's dramatic you know several with the the the the pointing out a beautiful woman that is dramatic give the pointing out this guy look at him he's a he's a huge then that's really what comes down to is you have to be the type of person you want to attract into your life if you want good friends a good friend if you want to serve persons us of a certain type of character you need to be that's right one having I don't have to that's one thing I have them I'm a great friend that's my friends a great friend yeah that's because it's a value I grew up with his son yeah you wouldn't think of not being a great one hundred you know who personifies great friend and also charisma right there in that Christian Christian yeah he alleged out. Chris you could take your millennial about what. about what time sitting. no it's it's I think it's been it's been several names in my lifetime it was star quality it was that X. factor again it's that thing that you can't quite put your finger on but you know immediately if somebody has it or they don't have it well sometimes though with performers off this days they completely turn off and then on the stage you just can't take your eyes off but yes not just performers it it's it's people in regular walks of life there's just something about him they have that magnetism that they're the most gregarious person in the world at all because everybody wants to talk it all begins with your thoughts about themselves the world in their place in the world in other words when you look up from behind you as you see a hostile world receive from the world because what you focus on you find to get a warrant was showing a chill Malone. a lot of times when you find people that are miserable and all that they had really tough childhood yeah so they have they get a lot from that from their parents have never acknowledged them whatever so they have to do a little work well in the cells in the book it talks about that the ninety five percent they say ninety percent I see ninety five percent of your gray matter is malleable okay you can change you can reprogram it five percent you genetic make up you can't change you look like your father you know you talk to him sound like if you want I can stand like my fifth grade ninety five percent of what you can chill greatest lessons ritual the graces greatest lessons we learn the ones.

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