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One of those you came to the right place today we're talking about those regular joints and with me is marker what's of hidden Boston dot com one such places a neighborhood tavern a neighborhood bar called the corner pub can't get a more generic name than that right mark that's for sure it certainly edge of the let the district by Chinatown Chinatown kind of been coaching a letter just and it looks a little rough me outside and we don't want it more wild and rough at times a lot of loud people but it's that tough at all and it's it's it's one of the last remaining neighborhood joins in downtown Boston there's very few left and yeah the place to go for a burger a steak and cheese maybe tater tots wings chicken tenders and cheap beer and shot so what's your idea that women a tater tots you sold me right there with you can stop with tater tots that's the one appetizers ever I think the best absolutely and it's nice to know that these places still exist and again the corner pub in the leather district is one such place you read about them on hidden Boston dot com well I'll by the next round of tater tots then okay her height he's marker which joining the Jordan rich here on connoisseurs corner WBZ Boston's newsradio Australia's sacred order room has been permanently close to climbers but not before visitors were able to give it one last got money to spend as much time in a row and James Martin did just that the thirty eight year old was the last person to climb the bright red monolith once known as Ayers rock that now goes by the indigenous name or group Friday marked the last day for those wanting to climb the side after a long legal battle from indigenous communities consider the land sacred Martin has a message for future generations it is for all of us to enjoy the entire planet is for us to look out for a stroll in government gave ownership of Uluru back to their knowledge of people in nineteen eighty five Todd and ABC news a violent early morning in Roxbury three people shot one is dead WBZ's are calling with that story and more coming up in the news at nine thirty searching the internet is great it stinks I've typed in happiness and I still can't find it type in replacement windows you get five billion pages it's like playing where's Waldo but he changed his shirt and got contacts so I got an idea instead of doing a search do an internet find take then right window and there you go no more searching right window quality energy star windows installed here's the deal say fifty dollars each.

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