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News at twenty five and fifty five Wall Street appears to be on a track to start a little lower this morning Dow futures are down forty one General Motors at will abroad back most of its forty thousand hourly work force in the United States by today GM is resuming production at its full sized is S. U. B. plant as well as the plant that makes its Cadillac compact SUV today does your boss suggested that you take some vacation time Jeff Clabaugh says many of us aren't taking that advice for office managers having courage to employees to take time off but a Robert half survey says thirty seven percent of office workers are saving their vacation time for later this year hopefully to travel one in four say they'd like to take a vacation but don't want to spend money right now and twenty percent of those who plan to use vacation time in the next two months say they'll use it for a staycation instead up ahead police and soldiers second shot and killed a man it while enforcing a curfew in Louisville last night eight fifty six this is WTOP news WTOP FM Washington W. W. W. T. F. M. analysis WTOP FM Braddock heights Frederick if you don't know P. P. C. if you don't know SCO if you don't know O. T. T..

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