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I down at ten at the forty Stafford to the gun this time to receivers to the right Marvin Jones and golden Tate. Want to the right of Stafford in the shotgun. Another head. Hi shotgun. Snap. He gives it to block mixes way across the forty five hundred Garrett walk down to the forty seven yard line seven yard run on first down. That's a six yard run on first down and a seven yard run on first down on the last two first downs for the lions at commitment to the run game. Two tight ends. Or in the game. It's called a Wham block. One of the tight ends comes from a wing position comes across the front. Luke Wilson blocks the unblocked defensive lineman on gets inside and Kevin at two hundred forty seven pounds. He just leaned forward baby and pushes the files. Three Kerry sixteen yard second and three at the forty seven yard line. Kerryon Johnson in for the first time feel ridiculed as well. Johnson gets his first carry the span back says way at the patriot territory to the forty eight yard by that's another first down the rookie out of Auburn a big change of pace. What you've been worrying about? What Garrett wanted your cups, kerryon Johnson? And did you see what they did with the personnel? Roby's? You mentioned it who is in the game will not feel Riddick out wide and kerryon Johnson in the backfield. So two running backs that presents another matchup problems for the patriots. Now three receivers. Plus the tight end Luke Wilson split out wide right only five on the line the offensive lineman. He's got Johnson to Stafford to his left along the left hash. I down ten at the patriots forty eight yard line. No score nine twenty minutes. First quarter, Stafford from the shotgun patriots show Stafford approach beside the golden. Leaping grab at the thirty five of New England it in but out about coverage from Jonathan Jones along the sideline and Stafford maybe a little bit too far towards that sideline Tate. Almost miraculous catch actually I think Jonathan Jones ripped it out. I mean that ball was caught inbound one foot two feet and the ball was whipped out by Jonathan domes on the sideline..

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