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Jobs and hurting the planet environmental organizes oppose three new I'm was in warehouses slated to open around frowns they cues the company of killing jobs in local businesses and exacerbating climate change because of the emissions using transporting it's huge volume of goods regional media is reporting protests in the southern city of Toulouse and around the northern city of Lille out some protests the activists being joined by yellow vest protest is known for early at demonstrations against fuel tax increases I'm Charles of this month crisis conditions for detainees I'm Jackie Quinn with an AP news minute government auditors are warning about dire conditions for migrants who are penned in overcrowded border patrol facilities not getting the care that they need in South Florida congresswoman Frederica Wilson says detain children should be released a federal judge in Seattle's blocking the trump administration from denying bond hearings were detained asylum seekers a house committee is suing the treasury department seeking president trump's tax records navy seal Edward Gallagher has been found not guilty today in the killing of an Iraqi teen a moment of silence for pitcher Tyler Skaggs before the Los Angeles angels took the field and in Texas it's still not known how the twenty seven year old athlete died I'm Jackie Quinn AP digital news back in a moment thank you for less at farmers insurance we have concrete evidence that parking under an industrial cement mixer that just asking for trouble seen it covered it click for more we are hundred my farmers truck for insurance exchanges and affiliates products available in every state is the scarlet debuted directing Puccini's comic one act don't print G..

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