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We're doing the tire thing product really is understanding the higher flow of an entire us experience. Not just you know, how it looked. But also the functioning, you know, and that's why I love this company so much because I've been trying to get into a role like this ever. So to be here. Now, I'm like, oh my gosh. I can't wait. I'm gonna. Work on this. I'm gonna work on that. I think I'm kinda like stretching myself in but to have the possibility to work on different aspects of the component lists that we have is on those things out in sketch, and then going into, you know, visual code and coating those things making sure it's Billy meat for web. Sanders says Billy standards and Ben passing into developers. They don't have to think about that stuff that we still own that entire us experience is everything to me. I love it. So is there a separate user research team, then okay? Yeah. We don't do that part. Thank goodness. Because again, I know at some companies like product designers can be really involved in like user, research and user interviews, and and all that. But okay. So you there's a there's a separate user research team. And they do what they do that. And they then they pass that knowledge off to you, you guys, exactly. So right now because. Hiroko went Celts for. Gripe this so Heroux challenge more sue the umbrella, though, it has a lot of brands underneath this entire parent. Brin those worth heroic with his own little island and for a long time. We've been doing our own you the research and things like that. But because we're trying to mesh together and become one brand. We're starting to branch off with Salesforce, you X researchers and a screen to them. Our use case was sometime doesn't always come off correctly. Because. Designing for developers. Designing for regular user is totally different. You know? Yeah. That's a really that's like such a good point. And you're at horr- Oku. You're designing developers. Yes. Yeah. Whereas I know Salesforce acquires tons of different companies in I'm sure somewhere more technical than other user base more technical than others. But yeah, that makes sense. I didn't even really connect those dots. But like the like who you're designed for so important but continue so so yeah. So like with Phil towards their users. Are they're not really developers. They're just people who use his drive drop platform at creek apps or applications versus with the velcro. I mean, that's the whole new use case developers. Would I've noticed with our developers is they will create. Let's say the designers broke something something doesn't work. They will create a a run around or walk around on that issue. And created entire new flow for themselves to get through with that they all create their own passed their own happy path. So it's kinda like usually when you have users. They'll call in complain about it develops never complaining. They just make a solution was so funny. Oh my gosh. I actually was doing at my last job, which would do use your interviews a lot, and we would watch people use the product, and we would sometimes have people on or do them who were like developers because you could use the product as developed resume user zero power editor anyway, but like washing developer use it. They were so fat. I couldn't follow them. They don't and they all they build things on top of it. And I was like they do that. I was like it's like it is not a normal user like the norm. You know, like the the average person watching them use is so different than watching a developer us something. Yeah. That's really funny. Yeah. Sells for as the U X. Researchers can't always help us of may can do certain things. But sometimes I feel like we probably need to still on that space a lot more than we are currently of because they only know the normal user versus our users of this totally like leftover them yet Salesforce use your could be like an account manager sales United States, Salesforce and your users are yeah. Like engineers or start up CTO's or something. So yeah, that's really that's really interesting..

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