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Belong to him and when you leave him out. Things will not go the way they're supposed to go. And that's what was happening with the disciples. Have you caught any fish. Jesus asked i love. Daddy said boys to because he was sort of in silhouette form it was early. Boys he calls. Have you caught any fish bowl. Who's he call them. Boys or adult men out here and then john realizes it's the lord and they make their way in their hauling this massive net teaming with freshly caught fish. And here's the scene. They see jesus sitting by a fire. He's made them breakfast. I bet jesus was a good cook. Don't you think probably made some big now. Probably know bacon now. That's that's not kosher but fishing eggs. Hopefully some eggs. I don't know. I like eggs in the morning. So you know they're they're it's cooking and and here's the amazing thing this is god incarnate. The creator of the universe in human form who has just gone to the cross. He's been crucified. he's risen again. Let's those nail peers tends was making them breakfast so they come in and they sit down by the glow of the fire. It was as you boo. Time for peter because he remembers the last time he saw jesus then aglow of a fire. He was denied him. He would probably look at jesus. And jesus would look up. Jeez peter would probably look down just embarrassed shamed not knowing what to say and now jesus breaks silence with these statements. And we go back to john. A twenty-one simon son of jonah. Do you love me more than these. Yes peter replies. You know. I love you then feed my lambs. Jesus told them. I want you to notice one thing to love me more than these. The old prideful self-confident. Peter who said in the upper room. Though all deny you. I will never deny you have said. Of course. I love you more than these. No one loves you like. I do the newly repentant humbled peter just says lord. I love you. I'm not going to both of my love at the expense of others and jesus is feed my sheep. You know what that means. He was back in business again. Jesus not only forgave him. He was recommissioning him for service again. And god will do the same for you. He will forgive you and then you can start this new relationship with him again. Just as jesus called disciples from the shore seen coming up breakfast. He's calling to us to have a meal with him. The bible uses the picture of having a meal with someone as friendship and fellowship. I don't like to eat with people. I don't know someone will come up to me and said i'd like to take you out the luncheon and talk to you about a business proposition. No thank you because if they pay for the meal. I'm kind of beholden to them and after listen to their spiel. And that gives me indigestion now. On and with people i like i go out to eat with members of my family or friends or people in close to and jesus says behold i send out the door and i knock and you'll hear my voice and open the door.

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