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So we have really these two political headlines in the midterms a record raw vote for all time for the Democrats for a mid term in the Senate things got really hard tonight for Democrats to block things like federal judge nominees because of Mississippi Steve Kornacki at the big board with all of it. Hey, steve. Hey, brian. Yeah. So with Mississippi, look, they're still counting the final votes in the final outstanding counties. Once all of that is done in. It is finally official one hundred percent. We will be done with all the Senate races this year. So a complete look at where the Senate stands, you can see if you had the decimal points, you're on the screen, basically is looking like about a seven point win tonight for Cindy heights. Smith, maybe a little bit more over Mike Espy, again, the closest Democrats have been in Mississippi since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the last time they got one to single digits in the Senate race. But this is a loss for the Democrats night. We were showing you earlier look strong support for Mike Espy and the heavily black counties of the delta long the Mississippi River all. Also strides for Democrats. This is a story. We saw a nationally. We saw it across the south. We didn't see it in parts of Mississippi tonight suburbs of Memphis here looked as sodo county. One of the fastest growing counties in the state warned the largest counties in the state. He did see a ten point jump there for SP from how Hillary Clinton did just two years ago in this state. So that speaks that democratic formula of strong non white support. They trying to flip so sort of white college educated professionals there were parts of Mississippi. They did that tonight there just weren't enough parts like that in Mississippi residual strength ra- height. Smith, those white rural areas Democrats have really been struggling with voters knows parts of the country. And certainly in Mississippi so not enough for them in Mississippi. We say though, the Senate picture now complete as a result of Mississippi. It means when all said and done Democrats end up with forty seven Republicans ended up with fifty three. Remember started the campaign? It was fifty one forty nine so Republicans do gain to on that front quickly. We end on the house because. Guess what? The house is not over yet. There remains one uncalled race here. See if I can pull it up on the screen lower right hand, we get there. You can also get it right there. That's that's the wrong district, Brian. I'm sorry. The twenty first district to California. Let me get it. Right. From Fresno to Bakersfield TJ Cox, the democrat leading we think there's between one thousand eight five thousand votes left to be counted here. We're not sure when they'll drop, but if Cox the democrat hangs on that is a net gain for Democrats of forty seats, even in the house if that holds unbelievable that we're still at Steve Kornacki. Thank you for all of it Anna last word for us when we come right back. Last thing before we go here tonight, a quick check of the clock and calendar shows that here on the east coast. It is two minutes from giving way to Wednesday on the west coast. You have hours yet to go until Tuesday's gone. The day is important.

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