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Last row forty is the journey this is from director nick ham he's the fictional account of to enemies in northern ireland the democratic unionist party leader ian paisley and sinn fein politician martin mcguinness paisley's paid by timothy spall will becoming a moment terribly and kohmeini plays the politician and this is a apocryphal account i'll the two thousand six saint andrews agreement which brought peace to northern ireland so it's this fictional conceit of these two guys sharing a car together and it's a rather playful scripts even though it has a lot of intelligence to it i'm sure it's base somewhat on fact but the best way can describe it is it's like frost nixon involving the ira so if you haven't seen frost nixon that movie pits davor frosty british journalist and a wonderful performance by franklin gel playing richard nixon and ron howard excellent directive that movie but essentially it's just a to hinder its two actors going toetotoe same thing with the jury you've got spall you've got many they're stuck in a car together and one guys supportive of the ira and then the guy supportive of the traditional paul pulse politicians life views the ira's a bunch of tears so you know they have some it's a very predictable stolen that's falling at times feels a little bit pedestrian 'cause you know exactly where it's going to go you put these two options together an eventually they're going to get to some sort of an agreement and there's bickering and this frustration and there's little humor in there but eventually come to that resolution but the reason i like it is because the performances just like with frost nixon that the two leads can carry the movie and in this case fall in meaning certainly do particularly swahli place his characteristic glowering energy and resentment other ends up being a really enjoyable movies to check out the journey i'm giving it three maple leafs are once again a frost nixon in terms of the ira excellent film and timothy spall will join us now.

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