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Then the thing is. When do you go you? Nobody black would do that though fuck them. Letters mean y'all scientists that said something about like it was made a little black people were referred to themselves as colored, and I was like we didn't do that. That's not work right. Sometimes you can look at you. Go negative. Right de that's not. We would never refer to ourselves as colored for any fucking. For any reason, right? Yet and they also have like videos of people, looting and Shit. White people looting you, so my uncle shares on my facebook with a bunch of pictures of white people in there. Looting shared because when they say looting, you know the emphasis is always like black. People must be still shit Is there when you see the Patriots? White people would like four plans of Shit like I need a comforter to finally get that the them to lamps I had on layaway. This is ma'am. You are not Luton. You just can't get what you had on layaway. They know who did this crime. but yeah Anderson say he was still doing a news interview when he saw a man vandalizing, so he turned and tried to stop him I said we asked allies. Step back so that we can make sure that you're following what we asked you to do. He was like I'm not sure ally. You guys want to protect the status quo I. Don't need to be here for you all. Yeah I and I'm 'cause, they don't care and I'm a little. Interested in. A lot of black people online. May Not even a lot. Let's say a lot. There are some black people online at really. Do seem to be followed for this. Okay, though. 'cause like there was a there was a thing where they showed a bunch of white people marching down the street, and they said like eat the rich. And I saw a black person tomorrow yet. They're not ready for the Revolution Bob. Lot and I was thinking like these white people. Are taking protesters supposed to be about black lives matter and turn it into some. Socialism ANTIFA anarchist, Shit, dog. That's done. Yes, it is like how you like. These aren't like I'm not saying race and class I have no relation, but specifically to be at this one. Yet to say, then hold your own shit. You know because you know the fall back on this is GONNA be black. People did this shit. They're not gonNA, want no credit for this year is going to be black. People did this this. This isn't Elisha. To me. Anyway Then out there have some videos to of people doing instead matter of fact me. Share that with the with the people, so they can see what I'm talking about these videos viral. They're going that. There's a lot of your on twitter. FACEBOOK in a couple of days. You guys know how facebook does, but there's a lot of these videos white people doing shit at the like masked up during during the votes. Thirtieth. This story. My looking to do the white news outfitting. That's not for for social sitting. Out, there to stars from share and be anonymous, amongst all these people have a legit. Gripe with policing, and white supremacist issue. Like. From fucking activism Kosslick. Eighty dollars like this is not why we came out here. You why you arguing with me right? Man. Some about it. Don't fit, seem right I with it like no, we don't and. Like. You say that there. There is a percentage of black people online. They just so mad and angry. They don't give a fuck and we talked about this before, and I will do continue to state. It's people that are like. Burn it down I I. Understand that, but at the same time is. He burned it down. Why burn down somewhere else because when Bernie? Dan Happens upstream you that attitude changes. Yet and also like is not really Is Not, really support of US so I can see if it was like even if they did this, and there was support us, but even when the when the when the people who are organized a protest shopping like man, fuck you. This ain't even about your Yang same pay right and this is a coordinated effort. I'll get into it in a second, but this is not a coincidence that this is happening and more and more cities around the country so. So as the black people organized denise number shows I. Look at all these people, and then you find out. Wait all these people here for this correct Anderson said there were several people were behaving like that at the protests. Some of them whom we believe are right wing conservative individuals who just don't give a damn about black and Brown People WanNa make this movement look bad. It wasn't black and Brown folks that were tagging police. It was why people throwing stuff. And, then when they kept throwing bags, a urine cans and water bottles that when that's when the police snap and they started teargassing innocent bystanders dimmer police spokesperson. Cart bars buzzfeed news. The department tactics on the crowd management depends upon the severity of the response from the people in the crowd based on that it depends on whether officers feel their lives are threatened, which we know is code for we can kill some black people. Black activist organizers have been vocal about their concerns. Over who are the instigators are the protests across the country? Country saying some people are seemingly coming for the fight and the mayhem, not to support their expression of anger over the police killings of our black people in the demand for it to end. Those tensions played out over social media on Friday night into Saturday morning with people specifically highlighted videos posted from Detroit Min- Minneapolis, and more, showing some white people, smashing windows and destroying property. in Oakland is video also white dues..

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