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Now, it's time for our weekly recommendation. When we spend a few minutes and try to take your mind off of politics. Michelle, it is your turn this week. What's your recommendation, my recommendation is going for a HUD air balloon ride? The first time I went hot air ballooning. I think like nineteen years ago in Turkey. And I've remembered it all this year's as sort of magical experience, and because of that I sort of wondered if I was remembering it correctly. I was in Arizona couple of weeks ago. Onell is apparently a really good region for hot air ballooning because it's really dry. And I mean, it was just so, you know, it's so peaceful. Even though there's like a Cajun loud noises when they turn up the gas to make the flames that make the hot air balloon rise and fall. But then when the gas is on you're just, you know, floating, and you know, it's a way to be in nature. Without, you know, the kind of tedium of hiking, and you know, it's like just enough adventure to feel like you've like really done something exciting. And so I just yeah. Go hot air. Ballooning have either of you guys ever been no my experiences hot air ballooning comes from reading the travels of Babaar where they take a hot air balloon crashes on on a cannibal island. So I have sort of literary traumas associated with hot air balloons, but I should probably overcome them by taking a hot air balloon trip. One thing about it is that you do sort of crash land. I mean, I guess that's the reason I probably wouldn't take kids till there little bit older is that the landing is always sort of rough and you kind of drag along the ground and baby stop right side up or maybe kind of falls over. How do you? How are you with heights, generally? I like heights. Yeah. Because when I go up on like, you know, the the ferris wheel rides where you're in almost. A gondola compartment not a big fan. So I'm concerned that I would I would struggle in the balloon. Does it? Does it feel like do you feel like you're sort of inside it when you're up there, you're in you're in like a basket? I mean, so the thing that's kind of frightening. When you first go up is that you do I, you know, it's like you. I find feel yourself rising up, and you sort of realize that there's just this like wicker platform between you and the earth. And that's kind of scary until you get used to it. I'm literally sweating as you speak. Yeah. I'm glad you had a great time doing I find that idea totally terrified I don't mind being big buildings, but the idea of being high of and not enclosed totally terrifies me so hot air ballooning for everyone. But me and Ross that's our show for this week. Thank you so much for listening. If you have thoughts or questions, please leave us voicemail at three four seven nine one five four three two four. That's three four seven nine one five four. Three to four. You can also Email us at argument and NY times dot com. And if you like what you hear please leave us a rating or review in apple podcasts this week show was produced as it always is by Alex Laughlin and Winton walling for transmitter media and edited by lacy Roberts. Our executive producer is Greco on. We had help from Tyson Evans Phoebe let Ian Persad Philbrick and Freddie Shevess. Our theme was composed by Allison Leyton Brown. We'll see you back here next week. But I think it was a reasonably accurate summary of what Muller found me again. Well, Robert Miller.

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