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And i thought given how slow steph started that could have really been a game you know had there guys showed up and hits him those shots lebron was creating for them interest in happen i wasn't surprised to see it just kind of crumble there in the fourth quarter at all because i just didn't think they had quite enough overall offense of continuity cleveland to kind of keep pace one steph got going yeah and i think that's part of what makes like the shaun livingston to two seconds on the shot clock hits a sixteen foot mid range jumper to to save the possession that makes knowing that the steph run is coming makes all the other little things that much more demoralizing and or the david west corner three like is i three zach remember i mean it's like the first week in november last time he had a three pointer he is that shot that's i mean that's a crusher to yeah playing the warriors would make me lose my mind so i admire the way the cavs are fighting they just don't really have the horses at least on the road because an oracle you know you're getting one game where things get out of hand and golden state wins by fifteen or twenty that's just the we've seen that game one hundred different times over the last four years so and that's another reason game one was so excruciating let me i have a question for you as a human okay so i'm going to need you to try to be a regular person here and give me like a real take would you like it if the series was just over at four and we can all move on.

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