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The words revenue expense asset risk and put next to it one action you can take to increase revenue one action you can take to reduce expense one action you can do to reduce assets in your business or get more out of them and finally one step that you can take to reduce the biggest risk. You're facing in your business right now. Take that to your management team and discuss it and start to take action so that twenty twenty is a more profitable year. You know at conscious milliner. We have a formula for creating wealth. It's conscious focused accident literally. You can utilize this formula to create wealth in any area of your business or your life. But there are many ways to define wealth and I'm curious what action do you take on a daily or regular basis to make a bigger contribution to the world so the most important thing for me is to capture the best time of my day. I believe that my mind only has two to four hours of real pure concentration time so for me. I tend to wake up between around four. Am and I tried to focus my mind and my energy very hard for the first four hours of my day and the purpose of that ultimately is to help to make better products are serving my clients. Better better courses better books all of that stuff. So I try to focus the first four hours of my day on the highest priority activities. A remind you that Andrew Stotz is the host of the my worst investment ever podcast will have a linked to that unconscious millionaire show dot com..

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