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The repeat us open champion is the story at historic shinnecock hills golf club thank you an brooks kepco the first player since curtis strange in nineteen eighty nine went back to back us opens the baseball we go chris raton allow just an honored run the giants the feet of the dodgers four one the phillies won the rubber game of their series with the brewers taking a ten nine michael francke drove in four the reds knocked off the pirates eight six the braves dot by the padres four one the mets trailed the d backs three one entering the ninth inning before pulling off an improbable rally field swung to the right they're not over shifted though the oon pitch swing and a drive to right field forget it she is god let's take the lead to over four to three how he rose w o r on the call the mets go on to win five three winning consecutive games for the first time in nearly a month the cardinals shut out the cubs five zip in the al the tigers beat the white sox three one the raise void the sweep against the yankees taking a three one the red sox all over the mariners nine three yeah stroz won their eleventh in a row taking care of the royal seven four the as walked off on the angels six five and eleven thanks jonathan lacroix's game winning rbi single interleague play the orioles hammer the marlins ten four the rangers scored four times in the ninth capped by jose trevino two run single to walk off on the rockies thirteenth wealth the bluejays earned the threegame sweep of the nationals winning the finale eight six world cup action surprising results switzerland scores in the fiftieth minutes a tie up brazil that game ends at a one one draw and mexico sons that offending champs knocking off germany one nil irving lozano the lone goal in the thirty fifth minute in serbia took care costa rica also one nil i'm darwin's duck for quick access to sports news scores and more it's the free cbs sports app only air at thirteen hundred on your am dial on the internet at x t ra sports thirteen hundred dot com this is xtra sports thirteen hundred.

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